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    • CommentAuthorSquidLord
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009 edited
    So, here's my question ...

    • CommentAuthordanhill
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Hey Matt,

    1)This touches a little on something SigridEllis asked. I noticed in the Casanova scripts your panel descriptions and directions are quite cinematic. Is this style something that has developed over time or have you always structured your scripts this way?

    2)Any plans for a Casanova script book? I love me some script books.

    3) Someone has already asked for movie recommendations so I'm going to assume your good taste carries over to books too. Any book recommendations?

    Keep up the awesome.
      CommentAuthorHokus Krokus
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009 edited
    Hey Matt - how are things going w/the writing for the Iron man video game? Record any VO yet?

    -Tom Gastall
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    hello all. thanks for the opportunity, warren. i promise i will keep things superclassy.

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    that, by the way, is a sneak preview from warren's CRECY II: DEEP ARROW DICKERY. coming pretty soon i think.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    ...auspicious beginning.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    WARREN: By "obvious nutters will be disappeared" did you not mean that obvious...?
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    Who designed your website? I'm figuring it was Ariana, but that question has been lingering on my mind.

    Heyah Dave. Ariana totally answered the shit out of that one. So let me just say: Ariana is the type of person who you can bring a schizoid nightmare of design like that-- ideally situated to MY monitor, designed to look right only to my specs, when I have the usual apps open and running, wholly inconvenient for anything or anyone other than me-- and she can make it work like butter off a baby's ass.

    She's good, that one. Also: YAY USELESS DESIGN!
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    Matt, your work is appreciated. @askthanos on twitter is STILL bitching about NPR and declaring a fatwa about @hobodarkseid.

    My question would be: who haven't you written that you've always wanted to tackle?
    • CommentAuthorgoodmanw
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    What's the best way to get a hold of you for an audio interview? I've been searching for a while now to interview you on our show and can't find a good way to contact you.

    William Goodman
    Co-Host/Founder of "Between the Panels" - the comic book podcast
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    oh jesus fuck
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    I asked Warren who said Hunky Dory, so What is your favorite Bowie album?

    HUNKY DORY, SCARY MONSTERS, ZIGGY, DIAMOND DOGS, ALADDIN SANE. My top five, i suppose. Probably close to in order, too.
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    DIAMOND DOGS is proving itself to be kind of a Rosetta stone for CASANOVA III. "We are the dead..."
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    How easy was it to convince Marvel to go with the 'radical' (well, in comics terms anyway) cover redesigns for Iron Man by Rian Hughes?
    Are they a temporary thing (connected to a story arc), or is it supposed to be a long term trade-dress?

    My recall... and I might be wrong, and really all I'd have to do is search my email but i just woke up and need more coffee, is that I asked then-editor Warren Simons if we could explore it with Rian, whom i very specifically requested to chance to "work" with, shortly after we won the Eisner. I remember-- and this is why i don't want to verify it, because it's a better story this way-- feeling like if we were going to be able to spend that chip, that was the time. I was able to show him what I had in mind and convince him we could find a thing that would work for all parties involved. He trusted me and made the love connection between me and RH. RH and I spoke back and forth via email, reference and ideas flew, and then Rian got to work being Rian.

    My one request was to add Futura-- he'd done several type treatments, including one or two of his own which, really, were terrific-- but Futura is the best of all the fonts.

    Really, it was pretty effortless, all things considered. Joe had like one note (that, like joe's notes often do, made it better), and that was that.

    Not sure how long it's sticking around. I suspect we'll get antsy and tweak it again for the arc that comes after STARK: DISASSEMBLED. Or at least we'll want to; dunno if we will or not.
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    Will we see you on Iron Fist again? I love the current team but maybe in one shot form or with a Iron Fist supporting character?
      CommentAuthorfilthy ring
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009 edited
    Any chance of you working on Thor again in the near future?

    Can't wait for some news on Casanova!
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    I really enjoyed your take on Frank Castle in "Punisher: War journals" so I was wandering; do you plan on returning to the character any time soon? And, if so, would we see more of the slightly sarcastic Frank Castle?
    • CommentAuthorIsaacSher
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Have you come across any media recently (books, tv, comics, internet, you name it) that had you sit up and go, "damn, that's cool", that you'd like to suggest to us?

    Are there any genres or story-tropes that you've never had a chance to play with, but would like to in the near future?
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    Any updates on that Lincoln project?

    Slow boat. It's a bigger story than I can afford to work on for free-- the writing research alone is excruciating and there's no way someone would ever draw it for free-- as it'd be even MORE research for them . Here's an example of what I mean; i've told a version of this somewhere before but I don't remember where:

    Railroad spikes were driven in by two-man teams. You had a hammer man and a, uh, spike holder (research note: did these jobs actually have names?). A good team could lay down about one spike every four seconds, something like that. If the guy didn't get his hand out of the way in time-- and the hammer guy wasn't waiting-- it was the end of a career. It was the end of lots of careers, really, as you figure a right handed guy is gonna brace the spike righty, and if that's your dominant hand getting smashed, you're fucked.

    Anyway, the more spikes you laid the more money you made, so teams got very good very quickly and learned how to work together perfectly.

    So, okay: here's a scene with a length of railroad getting laid. And you've got a little Chinese kid holding the spike, and a big vicious irishman swinging the hammer, and neither speaks the other's language but they have the beat of the thing down and they're unstoppable.

    What do they keep the railroad spikes *in*?

    When the Chinese kid reaches behind him to ready-up the next spike, what's he reaching for? A bucket? A box? A pile of spikes? DOes he have 'em in a sack? In a belt, a backpack? Is there a spike-man there to refresh the supplies? How? And how heavy were those things, anyway? How much could a fifteen year old boy reasonably carry?

    That's what writing the book is like. And then some poor bastard will have to look up what the answer is, visually, and recreate it.

    (the answer, as i was able to find it, is a long wicker basket, about two feet long that could carry a line of spikes three deep, more or less.)

    Also, I gotta say it was pretty cool how you parlayed the character/plot work done on The Order and exploited it for Invincible Iron Man, particularly with Pepper and Ezekiel. There was a fun sense of continuity there.

    hey, thanks. that was just blind dumb luck, too; i didn't know i would be writing IRON MAN when I planned all that stuff out; I was just trying to cue up whomever WOULD be when the movie hit. So, uh, high five, past-me.

    okay, one more.
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    As someone who was completely suckered by the Casanova April Fool's joke... any Casanova news?

    That was alllllll fábio. who really needed a laugh at the time.

    funny story: at first he wanted to announce he would be drawing IRON MAN but then realized that meant, to execute the joke, he'd have to very quickly get good at drawing Iron Man. So instead he pulled the cass watercolors he did...

    news: soon. super-soon, i hope. we had a great friday.