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    Questions: When you made Cass' weird brain stuff spiders, did you know there's a spider named Luxuria?

    ha! what?

    And how will going to a regular format (22 or 32 pages) effect the 'super compressed' (Luxuria, anyway) nature of the book? Gula was a bit different, but...

    v3 will be as different from 2 as 2 was from 1. "regular format" isn't... like, with CASANOVA, that's a fucking misnomer if there ever was.
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    what's your Xbox Gamerscore?

    i don't even know what that is. so it can't be very high. or do you want it to be low?

    it can't be very good.
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    I dunno if you've checked out HANAOTOKO by Matsumoto, but it is so, so good, and being about fatherhood and baseball, probably up your alley.

    nope; thanks for the head's up.

    man, i might actually get all caught up. huzzah!
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    respects the mad genius of Lady G.

    hang on, now; "mad genius" is pushing it at this point. let's say "mad potential." let's see if she lasts. let's see if the songs get smarter. Let's see if she stops trying to be madonna and starts trying to be matthew barney's latex abortion queen or something.

    she's got it in her; she's clearly got things to say and has more going than many but, at this point, the audio line between her or, say, taylor swift or fergie is not so distinct at times.
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    Iron Dove and Nightingale were terrible names then and they're terrible names now. I'd like to commend your courage in 'saying them' 'out loud' as it were.

    there was one i fought for but was voted down, ultimately; i didn't agree, subjectively, but objectively, i got it (it wasn't a "real" word).

    Hah - loud and proud(ish). Thanks for your patience in fielding them.

    I will eat my words as soon as I see some kid zooming around calling themselves RESCUE. Defending innocents from her brother ENDANGER.
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    Are you planning on visiting Moscow someday? Maybe on IM2 Premiere in April?

    HA! man, that'd be awesome. i doubt it very much but I'd love to go.

    one of my former partners at Mk12 did a project about Prypiat and hung out there and in kiev and in moscow and it made me insanely jealous. thanks for the kind words.
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    Matt -- Who would win in a fight for Emperor of Earth: Lady Gaga or President Steve Elvis of the Americas?

    no way steve could resist legs like that.
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    nope;' they're the perfect apple and the perfect orange to me.


    Couldn't agree more.

    One of my favorite experiences: Discovering L&R late in the run (the PUTA cover and the one with Luba drinking off of her pregnant belly) and then having track down the remaining 48 issues over the next few months. I read them as I found them and, based on how they allow their stories to jump over time, connecting the dots was the most gratifying literary feast.
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    Hi Matt, I was wondering if you could talk about interviewing Denny O'Neil for The Comics Journal #300, what that was like and what you might have learned or enjoyed while doing it. I'm particularly interested in how doing this interview when you yourself are several years into your career might have been different in terms of questions and areas of interest than if you'd done it when you were just starting out.

    Oh, gosh, this was amazing. I suspect it's going to be terrible to read-- i was supposed to get a chance to proof it before it went off and that's not happened yet so i suspect it wont-- but... well, i mean, the guy's a legend and all I wanted to do was talk about his life and career. we were both, at the time, missouri boys and that's literally where i started, and went into his time in the service during the cuban missile crisis and everything else. Um... and I was nervous. It was chaykin, weirdly enough, who convinced me to do it (he knew, or rather, he saw, in the two of us, similarities across many boards that made it completely effortless. in the way that someone ptuting together a dinner party seats two strangers together knowing they'll get on like a barn on fire.)

    it was supposed to be 45 minutes; we went on for three hours, and poor kristy had to force me to stop interrogating denny to answer questions myself. i wanted colors and textures; i asked about the old legendary Coffee Room at the old DC place; I asked about Charlton (but not enough, and not in enough detail); I asked about editorial cultures, and what it was like to be in the center of the GL/GA storm. I asked a lot about the people. What was Carmine like, what was... like, broome or fox like, what was julie like, how was neal, tell me about dick, about kahniger, all that. I asked about his craft and idiom and his life and... like, basically did everything I could to feel like a freelancer in comics in the seventies.

    (the best job perk-- one of 'em, anyway-- is i've gotten to meet guys like denny, like chaykin, like ralph macchio, etc., and bore them to unholy tears by badgering them for stories and questions about Thee Days of Yore. )

    (For example: did you know Frank Miller was supposed to follow BORN AGAIN up with a two part DD story that Simonson was going to draw? And that he wrote the first part and turned it in? And that script exists in Ralph Macchio's Cabinet of Curiosities? It does. And he let me and Alejandro photocopy it...)

    I really, barely, got going. it's going to be disastrous, i'm sure. i was TCJ-shy or TCJ-nervous, too. Um... the less said there the better, I suppose. Anyway Denny was a gentleman, thoroughly informative and a joy to talk to.

    The difference between doing it now and then, i suppose, would be... well, i've made at least a couple bones and that would always bring us around to a point of shared perspective. Bashing your brains out on a script that just wasn't working and oh god this is the one that will reveal you to be a hack and an impostor and you'll get fired for turning in this sub-literate crap in 1970 was, apparently, exactly the same as doing it today. so, like, having been around at least once on at least one of the same merry-go-rounds was nice; back then i suspect it would've been much more shallow, much more superficial, much more... robotic, i dunno.

    it was a rare privilege for me.
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    Matt, who's the hardest character's "voice" you've ever had to write? Are there characters you just can't "crack"?

    Everyone in CASANOVA; in the X-Men, Storm (whom I think I've finally found); in Iron Man... well, M.O.D.O.G., clearly.

    Are you ever really satisfied with your dialogue?

    the train leaves the station every 28 days. you can be on it or wave to the dude sitting in your seat. It's rarely a matter of 'satisfied' but, rather, 'satisfied enough.'

    Anyhow, any advice on dialogue, minus "go read Mamet screenplays?"

    heh.t hat's bendis, not me.

    i used to sit in diners and just write down what i heard. i people watch and eavesdrop all the time. but... yeah, i dunno. if i could give myself advise during the writing of my first book, it'd be keep it brief. i had this compulsion to want to vamp in the dialogue because, well, THAT was the whole of the Actual Written Words on the page! once i realized it got better the less there was, my life got easier.
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    and, yknow, i'm not like the definition of brevity or anything so just imagine how bad it used to be.
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    Could you reveal a date for Casanova reprints? Even if it’s just a general idea? Please?


    Why don’t you read your stories once they are published? I can understand, I only read mine a long time (like, half an year) after being published so I can make a cold judgement but never? Don’t you feel tempted or something?

    because all i see is stuff that drives me crazy, embarrasses me, is sloppy. steve wacker says 'new comics day is the worst day of the week' and he's right; it's the day all the shit you DIDN'T catch gets through and punches you in the face...
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    I remembered a featurette from the Mask Movie, that the CG artists found they had more fun using CG for comedic effects.

    no offense taken-- greg gets it pretty bad online from the people that hate him so i tend to be overly eager to leap to his defense, yknow? the way you'd hope any friend or fellow professional would. so no worries.

    the idea of greg doing, like slapstick comedy is... weirdly horrifying. and i don't know if i mean that in a good way or a bad way... the mind reels...
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    if i did my math right and marvel is planning to do this, iron man should hit issue #500 in 2010 sometime...

    you.. actually sat down and DID that math?
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    Second, what do you have to say for yourself now that I have Lady Gaga stuck in my head?

    roma oh ma ma. roma oh ma ma. ga ga oh ma ma. ga ga oh ma ma.
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    Just wondering if you read any Manga?
    There's some crazy shit out there and wondered if you had any stuff you can recommend?
    Or anything that blew your fucking mind?

    oh, totally, all the time. i love tezuka. almost anything i've read i've liked to hardcore LOVED. ADOLF is the latter. Matsumoto is a profound influence-- BLACK AND WHITE especially. I love DOMU more than AKIRA and i don't give a fuck who knows it; Domu is a better piece of work. And Urasawa is a genius-- 20th CENTURY BOYS and especially PLUTO. I'd give my eyeteeth to have a PLUTO in me. WOUNDED MAN and... fuck what was the other one... OFFERED. Those are great, berserk. Um...
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    Matt, I'd like to talk about a very serious subject: HOBODARKSEID.

    it's over. time to move on.
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    Give me your Top 5 of The New Pornographers songs, please.

    Execution Day; All for Swinging You Around; These Are the Fables; Jackie/Jackie Dressed in Cobras; Twin Cinema...

    just five is tough.
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    I'm a youngly man with a taste for the comics and I have a question for you.


    What other things might you have a "taste" for? We could maybe really help each other out with this thing.
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    And Urasawa is my new Hernandez Bros.

    Need to check out some of those other Manga though... especially long-form Tezuka.