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    when does it start to become a nuisance more than a help? How do you tackle a bit of a character's history you JUST CAN'T STAND or just cannot understand as a writer ?

    continuity is the devil. it's oppressive, closed-off, isolationist, alienating, hostile, and the more of it you have, the more smothering and suffocating it becomes, both to forward momentum and to believability/suspension of disbelief.

    continuity is the devil; consistency is the watchword. looking for and writing in ways to honor and obey what's come before but tactfully navigating away from the stuff that's either "harmful" to either your story or that would, say, slow things down to a grinding halt while you recap for everyone. Anything else is just bad writing at best.

    When-- let's take Iron Fist, for example-- when the Alien Broccoli-Asparagus aliens get in the way of doing something good, or at least something we thought was good, we decided, well, okay, we'll just never mention them. not undoing it, for the Alien Broccoli-Asparagus alien superfans out there, but not reminding everyone and then getting them all caught up on what they were and THEN trying to reconcile the story we were telling and all that.

    With something like X-Men, things that aren't explicitly addressed tend to be unmentioned not because we don't know it's out there, but because it's better for the story, the pacing, etc. Wikipedia can figure out how it all fits together; our jobs are to rock everybody's fucking socks off, not pander to the longbox. Honor it, respect it, sure-- but nobody wants Alien Broccoli-Asparagus aliens in our IRON FIST.
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    So. . . favourite Welles movie?

    KANE; F FOR FAKE; TOUCH OF EVIL. One of my favorite Welles pieces is a doc on F FOR FAKE called ORSON WELLES: ONE MAN BAND. That's just amazing.

    I bet I'd fall in love with AMBERSONS if i watched it now.
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    Tell me please your Top 10 X-Women with #1 being your favorite. Your options are Jean Grey, Polaris, Storm, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Psylocke, Dazzler, Emma Frost, Sage and Rachel Summers. No New Mutants/Allies/Students allowed. Go!

    i think i'm being set up.
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    Me too, but it amused me to let the question stand.
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    2. I just read an interview with Terry Gilliam where he said it was a nightmare for him to pitch movies like his to studios because they're so off the wall...which begs the question, how the hell did you pitch Cassanova?

    you just don't give a fuck. nothing makes hollywood hornier than not giving a fuck about what they say they can do for you.

    3. I remember Joe Quesada saying, before the Iron Man movie came out, that there were things from the film that would be incorporated into the comic book character because of how well they worked - what elements from the film did he mean? Or was that abandoned when you came on? I know you've said you weren't greatly informed by the movie.

    i have no idea. i stole the in-helmet shot from the trailer the second i saw it; and J.A.R.V.I.S. the rest... we were all sort of in the right neighborhood anyway.

    4. What's the best thing to happen in the noughties?

    I can't acutally answer this because it'll sound glib, and i'm not feeling well enough to actually explain it all. So let's legitimately be glib: Pepsi Clear, sold in Mexico in 2005.
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    How does it make you feel when you write the word "fractious" into a story? I thought it was particularly clever the first time I read it.

    it's a great word; it never pings my you're-being-too-clever radar as i don't think of fraction as my real name so i never notice it. it's a great word though.
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    Forgot to ask, any news that you can talk about re: the Cassanova or Last of the Independents movie stuff?

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    . So no real dramatic shift in how you approach writing it for more than 16 pages?

    no, that's not what i'm saying at all-- it's going to be profoundly different. reinventing the wheel again.
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    What do you think of Lady Gaga's presentation of her Diva alter ego. I am perfectly aware of the fact Lady Gaga dresses up ridiculously in order to convey a style and image. I also want to know if you think that kind of celebrity image is making a come back.

    that's just the thing-- she comes off to me like a sub-Madonna wannabe sometimes to me and that's like the cardinal boring sin. she's clearly got more going on than that. It's all new for her; hopefully she'll find her way into something cool. i would love it if people started dressing up like maniacs in 10 inch heels and latex crowns. pop music is music to dress up to.
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    Me too, but it amused me to let the question stand.

    you are an awful person.
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    here, i won't make a list, but i'll say this: i've written six of them during NATION X.
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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    Feel better, dood.
      CommentAuthorJef UK
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    You should write an X-Babies crossover when your fever peaks.
    • CommentAuthorfod_xp
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    @ Matt, we seem to have the same affinity for oddly dressed people.

    Must have subconsciously embed into my mind when I watched (and danced) to Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was three...or there abouts. Probably doesn't help I grew up on TV shows like Absolutely Fabulous.

    *snerk* Favorite episode was the one Patsy, Edina, and Saffy got stuck in their living room, and talked about their respective births. Such a great episode, despite the living room was not a fully functional set. Bad acoustics and echoing footsteps.

    Wow...Um... sorry about that.
      CommentAuthorJef UK
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    Will we see Spiral again in your run?
      CommentAuthorJef UK
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009 edited
    ^ ahem

    i would love it if people started dressing up like maniacs in 10 inch heels and latex crowns. pop music is music to dress up to.
    • CommentAuthorfod_xp
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    Rock it, Jef UK, rock that cape and eye mask like you're Jimi Hendrix! :)
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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    Thanks for the great answer David. I also totally get the drawing meant to be read idea; one of my favourite comics to 'read' visually is Lone Wolf & Cub; I love how Goseki Kojima controls the pace with the amount of detail or movement he puts in the art.

    And I don't just meant the pace of the story; he literally makes you read slower (by putting detail in landscapes and reflective scenes) and faster (in fight scenes where the drawing is reduced to eyes, flashes of swords and action lines).

    Thanks again for this thread guys. Hope you feel better soon Matt (and a shout out to Kelly Sue - two sick gentlemen can't be fun, if you haven't caught it already!).

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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    Oh hey, latebreaking Cass merch. suggestion; I would buy the shit out of some Casanova/Cornelius Quinn striped swimming trunks...

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    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    Thanks to Matt, Fabio and all of the creators for spending so much time on this, and to Warren as gracious editor/host.

    Matt, really loved your indie work, and am excited to hear that there is more Cass on the horizon. Just wanted to share a song that I think of every time I pick up 'Last of the Independents'. It's by a roots rock band called Lost State of Franklin - the tune is 'Clint Eastwood Never Dies'. Not the best video, but you'll get the gist.