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    Hello, Matt --

    hey sigrid!

    (I'm reasonably certain my daughter now wants to see an Emma Frost elephant, a thought that fills me with glee for reasons I'm not explaining to a six-year-old. Emma would be *mortified*.)

    I dunno if I've done one of Emma yet or not. But: yes, she surely would be.

    What, if any, are the differences in your approaches to scripting Uncanny and Iron Man?

    There a group vs solo protagonist dynamic that makes each as wildly different from the other as can be. X-Men has a lot more moving parts; Iron Man has one that moves a lot more. Umm... yeah, very different. It's a discernible mental shift, hopping between each one.

    What music do you listen to while you write?

    All depends. Everything; currently, nothing. Y'know? What way's the wind blowing? How's the weather?

    Do you have plans for any creator-owned projects in the next couple years? If so, can you discuss in general terms the sorts of things you're contemplating?

    yeah, several. not the lincoln thing, although i'm starting to work with the guy i want to draw it, and will hopefully be able to convince him to come along and, in the meantime, turn it into something other than a spec gig. in general terms: cass 3; a sex-and-crime noir; a neo-pulp; a paranoid knuckle-buster; spooky kids. in the maybe pile: ray gun noir; historical fiction of comics.

    Which of the characters you're currently writing do you find the most difficult to write, to get inside their head?

    Hmm... usually these'll be characters that star, or feature heavily, and primarily, in books other than my own. and i just try to do as much reading, research, and questioning of the relevant parties as can be.

    Or: Cornelius Quinn.

    Has moving to your current location affected how you collaborate, seeing as how you're living in the West Coast comics Bloomsbury? (That's complimentary and refers only to quality and influence of the body of work, please ignore/disregard all Bloomsbury-related-assumptions regarding elitism, infidelity of members, class origins, socialism, and sexual orientation.)

    my baseline anxiety is 200 times lower. I love it here; i've never lived somewhere beautiful. the time shift is weird; new york is ahead three hours now and i always forget that 6 for me is not 6 for them.

    Do you guys know, yet, if you'll be homeschooling HL?

    gut checking? it seems maybe less likely now that we live where we do but it is something we've talked about.

    If you can, what percentage of your writing time is spent in the staring-into-space-thinking phase, how much in writing first drafts, and how much in revising?

    I don't think I can really quantify that, but in general: as much as I can; as little as possible; and as much as I can. deadlines sure do make it tougher to be a suffering, tortured artiste, i tell you what.

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    thanks hank, for the nice iron man words. now, solario asks:

    With the upcoming colorized Casanova arc, what's the plan in regards to the backmatter?

    not just cass 3; we'll be rereleasing 1 and 2 in color, too. the backmatter will no longer be a going concern. i don't think.
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    we'll be rereleasing 1 and 2 in color, too

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    Casanova Questions! Why does volume two remain unavailable and what's this about a colourized future arc?

    because we didn't know when v3 was coming out, and wanted to be able to maximize the impact a collection has on keeping the series moving forward. as 3 got farther and farther and further and further away, and we realized we needed and wanted to go into color, we came up with a relaunch/reintroduction plan in the lead-up to v3. and then some shit happened that's none of your concern, and then some good shit happened and now we're pretty much ready to pull the trigger. I'm writing 3.1 now, for example, and i know when, about, it should be coming out etc etc. but until we're 100% on that stuff, we're not officially saying a thing.

    because during the run the DM was merciless on the book and we needed to take a lot of steps to make sure v3 stuck, or there'd never be a v4 and beyond.

    now, i know there's an amazon page for a cass 2 collection but i'm not sure how that happened. i suspect because the book catalogs are put together so long before the comics catalogs that certain assumptions were made and not amended. I dunno.

    anyway: that was the logic.

    I expect someone will ask in just the right way that will open the floodgates on CASANOVA a little bit more, but it's only monday and i don't want to blow my wad quite yet.
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    As part of 'Blackest Night', DC is reviving several defunct titles (Suicide Squad, The Question, Starman, etc) for a single issue. Are there any Marvel comics (or indie titles, or canceled TV shows or whatever) that you'd like to see get a similar treatment? Or is better just to let things that are finished stay that way?

    umm... THE 'NAM and you find out Ed Marks has become a weird sort of Kurtz-style psychotic warlord upriver and it's 300 pages of black and white michael golden insanity... fuck, i dunno.

    Also, I really enjoyed watching the movie "Charley Varrick" based on your recommendation in the back matter of "Criminal". Are there any similar movies you can recommend?

    man that's a great one, huh? tell you what, another amazing don siegel picture just hit DVD, THE LINEUP, as part of the Columbia Film Noir Classics v1 box, that i fucking love. you get to see the embarcadero freeway while it was still under construction...
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    Are there any characters you're looking forward to bringing back into Uncanny X-Men? Any Marvel said you couldn't?

    one more, but he's in the book as of 518 or 519 I think. Nobody anyone said I couldn't. It's been a dream.

    Aside from Casanova, any more indie work coming from you?

    hope so; see my answers to Sigrid above.
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    Did you ever get any response from Pynchon on Xeno's speech in the Cass #14?
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    do you already have the artist finalized? or will it be both? i havent heard that anywhere, i just would love to see them both on it.
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    was going to ask why you stopped HOBO DARKSEID, but i guess its the kinda thing that cant go on forever or it will just be played out eventually. was that the case?

    no, actually. the case was, there was a really lovely piece on the NPR blog about it, that was framed as though my identity behind it was a big deal (it wasn't; it wasn't even a secret, and what started as a joke over dinner in San Diego became real only because Steven Grant wrote about it in his column ((as he was at the dinner table at the time, laughing)) and I didn't want someone to grab it and pretend to be me somehow (((which has, weirdly, started happening. I had an impersonator on the CBR forums and a couple faked twitter accounts... how fucked is that?))). warren mentioned it in a DO ANYTHING and... and, yeah, not a secret. but when it was framed as being a secret... then it made the identity a part of it somehow. it just suddenly became less fun, when i couldn't just... hobo out, i guess. it was a really flattering piece but its angle turned into the solving of a mystery and that was never the point. but like a thousand people flooded in and it was like, well, fuck, i didn't dress up on halloween so i could yank the mask off at every house, yknow? so it just seemed wiser to stop.

    also, i know you are a baseball dork (were you wearing a misfits pin on a baseball interview? haha, please say yes) but are you as big of an NFL/NCAA football fan? just curious.

    i was indeed representing the misfits fiend club.and i follow the NFL but not with the vigor of baseball. baseball also tends to happen more on my schedule so it's easier to follow. henry was amazed by basketball; i wonder if we'll get into that as he gets older...
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009

    Paramore: Great band or GreatEST band?
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    I was wondering the same thing about X-Men. Is there a set time for either series?

    same answer, i suppose? Today? right now? super-happy and will go on as long as they'll have me.

    The big news isn't going to be about Mantooth, is it?

    you and i have two wildly divergent definitions of 'big.' andy and i talked about doing a new story over the summer; something to allow for a new collection, maybe colored? very hypothetical at this point. but the idea of CRYSTAL SKULLing the big fucker is kind of hilarious to us...
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    I'm wondering if you've thought about bringing The Mandarin back to the pages of Iron Man? What are your thoughts on the character?

    I have thought about it.

    A lot.

    Liiiiike... maybe i'm writing an IRON MAN annual that david aja is gonna draw that's all about Mandarin's life's story.


    maybe that's a thing that's happening. don't put it on the internet or anything though. SHHHHH.
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    Casanova Album 2 Hardcover? Luxuria was so pretty I bought it even though I had the issues.

    yes; as we reprint the series, the v2 collections will come out too.
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    I've noticed a trend in recent years of not titling stories. Is there a particular reason for that? I'm assuming it has something to do with trades, but I'd love to know the actual reason for it.

    i title all my stories. whether or not those make it into the issues, i dunno. i don't think i titled the SISTERHOOD arc of X-MEN and the XVDA stuff was just 123456 or whatever, but no, shit, i love story titles. i title everything. i guess they're on the recap page? if they're anywhere, they're there.

    true story: i fucked up the IRON MAN 19 title and a note left to myself went to print. i was torn between INTO THE WHITE and EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH and put the latter in parens so i could reconsider the title when it came time, forgot about it, and now it sounds like a weird UK Dance mix from 1988.
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    OK! back to work.
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    oh, wait, one more thing about the lincoln thing: i'm kind of not good enough to write it yet. that's slowing me down, too.
    • CommentAuthorSolario
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    You're gonna make me buy Casanova Vol. 1 for the fourth time. And for some reason I don't really mind. Christ.
    I will add that if there isn't a Casanova Vol. 4, I might possibly maybe cry a little bit.

    Anyway best of luck with everything! And thanks for chimming in, Kelly Sue!

    PS. Totally tangent commentary: loved the Mountain Goats reference in Iron Man.
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    What's your favourite Vertigo series? I don't care if it's finished or not, and saying Transmet is totally allowed (even if I'm leaning towards 100 Bullets, myself).

    And in a peachy keen & perfect world that allowed for something like this to happen, would you ever consider writing something for Vertigo? It's a shame we'll probably never get a series from gentlemen like yourself, Brubaker & Bendis.
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    true story: i fucked up the IRON MAN 19 title and a note left to myself went to print. i was torn between INTO THE WHITE and EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH and put the latter in parens so i could reconsider the title when it came time, forgot about it, and now it sounds like a weird UK Dance mix from 1988.

    Huh! And I kinda liked it, so I never questioned it.

    That's me in a nutshell -- I kinda like Fraction's ideas.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    How do you go about your work? Do you plan yourself a number of hours per day when you concentrate on your writing, or do you just hit the keys as long as the ideas flow or until your fingers bleed?

    As a trying-my-damned-hardest-to-start-a-comics-writing-career-whilst-working-a-day-job kinda guy, I find it hard work, especially as my day job involves some knakcering (do American's have that term? Tiring, then) physical labour, and only one proper day off per week. I'm working on several indie projects at the moment (there's a topic somewhere on these boards about one of them, which I work on as part of a group. It's called Zombie Death Squad and is probably the most complete project so far), but it can be difficult to just get the chance to connect with my ideas and make sure they come across right on the page.

    So how do you do it now? How did you do it when you were starting out; are there any changes?

    What would be your one practical piece of advice for getting shit done?

    Also, how far ahead do you write your scripts? For, say, a six issue mini, do you just crack out all six issues, editing them over time, or complete one issue, gear it up for release, and work on the script for the next?

    I realise many of these questions have answers in more general books and essays and whatnot on the subject, but I figure i would be nice to get an individual response too.