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    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Also, the world deserves to know where you found that.
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    I feel like I'll need a bath by the time this is over.
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    I feel like I'll need a bath by the time this is over.

    Mm. Don't play innocent, Steven, I'm on to you. (You don't want your internet to mysteriously disappear again, do you?)
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    Hey, I thought this was a friendly Q and A. And then BOOOM!!, anus bomb.
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    Anus shaped chocolates proudly made in England.

    Yes I find the most disturbing part of that site the fact they put the union flag on there.
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    Those chocolate anus' kind of look like two slices of "Terry's chocolate oranges" stuck together
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Wait, it wasn't actually on your mantle? Ok. Chocolate anus. And it's not even Japanese.

    I may have just been broken by Mrs. Fraction. (usually it's one of Warren's Conan posts...)

    To keep this thread slightly on topic:

    Matt, (and Kelly, since you are here and may have an opinion,) how do you feel about decompression in story lines in the current crops of comics? Is there a point where it's too much?
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    This is question is for both of you:

    What are your favorite KC area eateries, and what is it that appeals to you with each one?

    I suspect this will be chocolate anus free. Maybe. Or not.
    • CommentAuthorncameron
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009

    So excited to hear the Casanova V3 is a go.
    I saw earlier you mentioned Image said no, but have you considered the Casanova script book as POD?

    Though I seem to recall when you first started Uncanny with Bru you had it mapped out the major arcs up to 525. Im curious how close to that basic outline the stories came out and how much further along you have your story plotted out to?

    And for my out of left field question and I meant to ask you this at heroes con years ago, but why was ICP in the Agenda Suicide video way back when?

    -neil cameron
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    How is Oregon treating you?
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Matt, (and Kelly, since you are here and may have an opinion,) how do you feel about decompression in story lines in the current crops of comics? Is there a point where it's too much?

    I'm not a fan in general, but there are some people who make it work. Conversely, there are some very compact, talk-y comics out there that bore me to the point of distraction. My preference is for, uh, a 'comfortable pace' I guess, but there are exceptions on both ends of the spectrum that I adore.

    What are your favorite KC area eateries, and what is it that appeals to you with each one?

    Succotash for breakfasts; Eden Alley for... freshness, I guess? And hospitality. They were always very kind to us there; The American for special occasions -- we went for my birthday and ate an appetizer about which I am *still* fantasizing; and, um... Domo for SEXY MAMA sushi.

    I'm sure there are others that I'll kick myself later for not including, but those are the ones that leap to mind.

    Oh! Wait! The pizza Napolitana at La Cucina di Mama is as close to perfect as anything I've ever put in my mouth.
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    Hey Matt

    Given your earlier comments about the commercial viability of Casanova 3 (and 4), are there any specific strategies that the publisher or the creative team are working on to get the word out? Having two coloured volumes available will help and a team of three Eisner winners can't hurt, but do you have any other plans? Or are you more strictly focussed on just making the thing.

    Also, recently CAS was referred to as 'supercompressed', mentioned in the same breath as THE WINTER MEN and some Grant Morrison stuff. Winter Men and Casanova are my two favourite comics of the decade; have you read the former and do you hold to any notion of 'supercompression' as a vague or specific approach to writing?

    I bet the answer to both of these is 'not really' but I thought I would ask.
    • CommentAuthorGoran F.
    • CommentTimeNov 9th 2009
    Hey Matt,
    I love your work, Just have some quick questions about when you started writing comics.
    How many "shit" scripts did you write before you got to something you thought was good?,
    Do you have any artistic ability in drawing and art etc?
    To get a feeling for your panel/timing etc when starting out, would you draw your own comics or did you just focus on writing them?
      CommentAuthorCorey Waits
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    Matt & KS, as long as you keep posting about family life & stuff, I'll keep enjoying your posts. I'm sure the creeps and naysayers are probably just the vocal minority. Also, the tweets about what HL is getting up to always make me smile... I think that's 'cause my biological clock has been ticking lately (can dudes even have biological clocks? All I know is that I've been kids have been on my mind lately even though there's no way it would work with mine & my girlfriend's current situation, and when I think about it I'm not even sure if I want them. Still you can't help how you feel).

    Anyway, looking forward to re-buying newly coloured Casanova and using it as an excuse to re-pimp the book to any and all of my friends that will listen. I've actually got plans to put some coloured flames in behind the E.M.P.I.R.E. logo on my foot to match the cover to issue 12, and the flames that have adorned my leg for 7 years now.

    Interested to hear who's going to be doing the colours - though Dave Stewart seems like an obvious (and obviously awesome) choice.

    Hope things are good for you all.
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    Kelly Sue & Matt,
    Thanks for the thoughtful responses to my question. I hope it wasn't too outside of the realm of this Q&A, but since it's evolved into the Platinum Asshole Awards I'm assuming no offense was taken! Here's a few of my thoughts back, no response necessary.

    First, the family contact thing makes lots of sense. I never considered that.

    In my day job I do marketing for a library that is somewhat struggling with the whole Web 2.0 evolution of communication. One of the things we have difficulty with is that 2.0 is ultimately about creating a dialogue with the reader, hence the ability to comment, respond, repost etc. (like I'm doing here!) It strikes me that your philosophy of sharing runs along those same lines and that you're sort of early adopters of that communication model. And, your faith in good people outweighing the wack-jobs allows you to build those cool relationships you mentioned. This sharing aspect also reminds me of protest culture in a way, because protest isn't always about change, but sometimes people just need to be reminded that there are others out there that are like them.

    Joan Didion came to mind for me as well. So did Spalding Gray. I forget where, but just before his death, Gray commented on the difference between his persona and who he really was as a person. In his depressions, he felt like he often disappointed fans that thought he was the same character he created in those monologues. From your answers, it sounds like you're not having the same experience, probably because you're broadcasting from a more sincere place than he was. Excluding nutter Punisher fans, I think we all appreciate that.

    Thanks again for the answer and I'll keep reading the comics and the online exploits of the Fraction/DeConnick family. Thanks to Henry Leo, "Batman and Baby" has become a ubiquitous phrase around our home.
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    1: how does someone get recognized as a writer to get a shot at working for a company like marvel? i dont write fan-fiction but i do think i'm pretty good with a pen. so, i'd just like to know what is the sort of path a budding writer needs to follow.

    well, what i did was make sure that people who could hire me to do comics were seeing or reading my work. i pushed and vamped the animation stuff i did back in the WEF days as a natural extension of pride and hubris and all that, not really realizing that, at the same time, it was serving as my work samples. words and pictures, words and pictures. anyway so people who could hire me to do stuff were seeing my work. and then when i started doing indy books i made sure to give copies to editors whose names were attached to books i admired. Axel Alonso loved LAST OF THE INDEPENDENTS; the rest was just timing. So: I did work. I showed it to people that can hire you. that's what i know.

    why aren't you handling the siege event?

    it's not my story. without... without getting into stuff i can't talk about, it's quite simply not my story to tell. i've maybe helped push and move pieces on the board towards it but when it's all said and done you'll see that nobody BUT brian could or should do it. it would be as ridiculously unfair as if JMS did my WMW story, or I did Greg and Jeph's Hulk thing. It's not my tale to tell. the rest of your question, kidding or not, is snarky, sucky, and unfair. You don't like brian's stuff, fine, but i clearly do, i clearly like him as a friend. don't slag on my friend to me and think i'll just laugh it off or whatever. be cool.
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    . Do you plan to give Namor a long term spot on the x-team, and if so, how does his kingdom play into that? Also, how do you decide among other X authors who gets which characters? Is there a lot of sharing or do you have to tip-toe around each others stories?

    Yes; keep reading NATION X (it's dealt with quite explicitly therein). And we have these summits where everybody talks and everybody shares. There's not a lot of room for spoiled diva antics in the room-- and axel has no patience for that shit anyway-- so everybody really tries to work together and help one another out. i think we all like and respect each other enough to let the stories get told.
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    Which X-men characters do you loathe?

    The ones with the most-inpenetrable backstories; the ones that require wikipedia entries just to get off of square one. i've learned over this last little bit that there's... it's not like other characters in the Marvel U where, say, you can just ignore the killer broccoli aliens from Iron Fist's backstory and nobody really cares; some X fan, somewhere, is going to love that one thing you find cold, impenetrable, confusing, or just plain best left alone, and want to know why you didn't spend half an issue acknowledging it.

    Continuity is the devil; consistency is the watchword.

    Which one do you love? Which one do you enjoy writing the most, that you didn't think you would?

    Scott and Emma. As Scott-and-Emma. I like their relationship an awful lot, and how they each amplify one another.

    Also how do you feel about McGuire coming back to coach with the Cardinals? Have you always been a Cardinals fan? Or just since Larussa came? Who is your favorite all-time cardinal? My family is like...generations of Cardinals fans. I don't even really like baseball anymore, but my mom and grandmother are insane cardinals fans. We have the springfield cardinals down here and my mom goes to their minor league games...needless biographical information, but these are the things I think about when I read your tweets about the Cardinals.

    if i could rain hot fire from heaven down onto the whole of St. Louis, centering the hellstorm on Busch stadium and radiating outwards, and i could make that hot fire from heaven rain down for so long that the ground it touched would be uninhabitable by man, beast, or vegetable, i would. that's how i feel about the cardinals.

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    How far past "write what you know" are you? The first fiction of yours I read was Five Fists of Science, which is pretty much batshit insane. From the faux-historicism of that to wacky world-spanning stuff in Casanova to the hard science of Invincible Iron Man, you seem to be driven by the hard scifi stuff. Do you ever feel the urge to draw a quiet personal story about a 13-year old girl at gymnastics camp? Or a novella about a married couple driving across the country to move to Portland? Grounded, personal stuff vs. the Great Macguffin-- are you definitely committed to the latter?

    But it's not just batshit insane, to me. I know what it's like to put your each and every last dime and the whole of your reputation into a venture that nobody-- nobody-- thinks will ever possibly work, and then, in spite of everything, in spite of everyone doubting you and friends abandoning you, it does. I know what it's like to see something so perfectly and wonderfully in your head that it obsesses you day and night and if you could only articulate it to people they'd understand, but they don't and so it just drives you crazy. that's the root of that story to me. the rest is just the sheen on it all. And CASANOVA is so autobiographical it hurts-- hence the backmatter going away, i don't want to live like a raw nerve in those pages anymore-- but it's got the trappings of this sci-fi genre thing as its surface. And Iron Man and the X-Men and everything else-- don't mistake sheen for soul, man. All is write is what I know.

    There's no hard science; it's all just mumbojumbo. I am dumber than a bag of rocks. But I read well and can fake my way along the surface of a conversation just enough to make it look and sound right sometimes.

    And were i to write about a 13 year old girl at gym camp or a road trip i doubt very much I'd do it as a comic. Not the best tools for the job.

    Also, about railroad spikes-- have you tried phoning up a small museum? Baltimore's B&O Railroad Museum is full of friendly, crazy-smart people who'd answer any question for a inquisitive and polite young man like you.

    yeah, no it's not a question of not being able to find that particular answer out-- that part was doable, just with digging on the internet-- but it's that kind of digging that was happening in every panel, on every page. yknowhatimean?
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    Assuming you're a Godzilla fan, what's the most obscure Godzilla related item you own?

    i'm a fan but not much of a collector. i think the dog ate the only godzilla i had after we put him on kelly sue's... um... giant.. chocolate... log... thing... she made last year.

    i suppose KNOWLEDGE of the old coot is enough...!

    (i've actually been wondering the last few days when H will be old enough to dig Godzilla, King Kong, etc. We gotta be getting close, and he doesn't really seem to be scared by that kind of stuff...)