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    • CommentAuthorpetebln
    • CommentTimeJul 23rd 2010
    Are the Freakangels bad guys?

    This is the wrong question. The idea of pure good & bad characters, where everything is simplified to black and white, is a relatively new concept coming from film (think early cowboy movies), the original superman comics etc.

    In Freakangels, the characters are more ambiguous (and thus 3 dimensional) in the tradition of classical heroes (which are flawed), or maybe the romantic anti-hero. It's not a childrens comic which has to present a simple dualistic morality.

    There's also a lot of variance between the individual Freakangels - compare Luke and Miki for example. It's not possable to classify them as a group.

    It kind of makes me think of Batman, the Dark Knight, the hero who's not always a good guy

    Batman ( Dark Knight) may have broken the (US) comic tradition, but is actually in terms of western storytelling more traditional.