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    I have a comic book idea (don't we all) that I want to see in print but I simply can't draw. I've tried for years to get friends who can do more than draw stick figures to put some ink to paper for me but they've all shirked the idea. So I'll be starting a comic series in writing here in the hopes that someone will think it's cool enough to perhaps draw some images for me and let it blossom from there.

    I'll be writing in my format (nothing original, just not in frame description as I don't think I can write that way) but if I change my mind I will. Suggestions and criticisms will be greatly appreciated.

    If anyone can think of a better place to post my writing I'd love to hear it. Hope no one on the management side of things gets annoyed with this, but I simply don't know where else to turn or how else to get exposure, not being too net savvy.

    Feel free to ignore my posts. Mostly I'm talking to myself anyway.
    • CommentTimeNov 12th 2009
    You may want to re-read The Rules post. I think that the management is pretty strict on the Posting No Fiction here. Although posting links seem to be OK. You may want to ask about it before you post any of your work.

    As for other places to post your fiction - WordPress, Tumblr... I'm not too net savvy myself, but I'm sure that others would have some good ideas. Good Luck.
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    * Don't Post Your Fiction Here.
    From page 1 of The Rules

    Linking is okay, but please don't bring down the wrath of Warren upon us. He has EELS.
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    More Helpful Links:
    Free blogs:

    I've also found this Comic Book Script Archive, which may be of some help, in seeing how others format their work.
    along with
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    thanks for the links. Muchly appreciated.