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    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009 edited
    I was looking for new blogs to read and for some reason I thought there must be a topic here where people can tell about their own blogs. Apparently no such topic exists (or I fail at searching the interwebs), so here goes: tell me about your blog. Give me a link and a short description of what the blog is about.

    I think it would be good to limit this to blogs you personally write to, or have other strong personal connection with (written by your significant other, family member, a close pal or whatever). Try to keep it close at home.

    Here are mine:

    Vornasblogi - Personal blog, mostly about diving, role-playing, videogames, urban exploration and so on. Plenty of photos and videos.

    58:61:66 - Our band blog, which includes views on digital distribution, copyrights and their problems.

    Wolfbytes - My fiance writes about online and offline gaming and gamers, their potential and problems.
    • CommentAuthorsamishah
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    ::bring the funny:: The lonely adventures of a Stand up Comedian in Pakistan.
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    My Apocrypha - blogging about new technologies, bad [read: refuse] poetry, music I like or dislike, Dromology, what projects I'm working on and occasionally venting my anger at the world's ignorance.
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    3 Million Years - named after the amount of years The Red Dwarf was away from earth. Mines a bit of a mixed bag with mainly comics, art, wrestling and random links and articles...
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    Dimes For Nickels - Dimes of reading for nickels of your time. (Well, I thought it was a clever tagline. The title came from the song "Reefer Man")

    More or less a photoblog with random bon mots and bits about my life as an expat. Plus some self-hype for my comics. Occasionally I bust out the old pop culture ramblings, but not too often.

    This week it's a featured blog on!
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    Blogging about music, but in german at Actually preparing to restart an international one, but that around christmas, wehen I'm bored and back from NY ...
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    (Parenthetically Speaking) - Personal blog about writing, comics, poltics and whatever else I feel like rambling about.
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
     (7226.8) It's my portfolio site and my blog. The blog usually has process shots of what I'm working on, with occasional thoughts on design/comics/illustration work, and random other bits and pieces.
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    I actively do a few;

    Costa K Writes Things - My home base online, where you can keep up with my various work/projects mostly with snippets and stuff

    Fistfight At The Arthouse - My most active project right now, I review and talk about comics, review music, write stories and essays on pop culture and stuff, etc. It's my longest-running one so far.
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    I have two blogs, one for personal stuff and one for random crap I find on the interwebz.

    welcome to fight club this is my personal blog. I just started doing a self-portrait 365 and I usually post pictures of random things I get into.

    my tumblr this is where I put all the random crap that I want to share with people. It's a mixture of everything from comic books to funny photos to who knows what else.
      CommentAuthorEthan Ede
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    Flood Damage This is our studio blog, it mostly contains updates for our webcomics, but also has news, convetion write ups, and some process blogs about what we go through to create our comics.
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    Audley's Blog

    Wherein Audley reviews things and talks shit and occassionally lets her creator get a word in edgewise.
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    The Robin LeBlanc basically a place where I put work related stuff and bits of inspiration. I don't update it anywhere near as much as I'd like to, but I'm going to be changing that in the near future. Art project I started up which now has a UK, Austin, TX and post-apocalyptic version. Talk of an Australian and Toronto one popping up soon too.
    • CommentTimeNov 16th 2009
    I run two:

    Rarely Important, which is pretty much my "serious" blog. It's not updated as regularly as it should be, and the content runs from "pretty good" to "completely terrible," but it is what it is. It's mostly reviews, but there's also a bit of commentary now and then. Be warned: if you like Chuck Klosterman, you probably won't like the inordinate amount of bitching I do about him.

    Scrubbin' in Fort Wayne is a blog dedicated to Magic: the Gathering (the term "scrub" being a gaming term relating to someone that's really bad at a game). This one is updated pretty regularly. I won't nerd up the thread much more with explaining it, but if you like Magic, especially from a casual-gamer standpoint, please check it out.
  7.  (7226.15), where I write flash fiction, reviews, articles and publish my webcomic Pitch Black, all organized in categories. Here's one of the strips:

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    Quick Tales - I write flash fiction. It updates in bursts of activity.
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    My art blog is here, there's also Notebookeryuk (as mentioned there by Robin) as soon as people start sending me pictures of what they're up to.
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    Though I started it to plug my book, my site is basically my blog where I post some of my favorite comic book pages and some of my new stories.
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    The Devil and Me, which I really need to update soon. It's an account of my adventures with a curmudgeonly, cheapskate Satan. It's patchy, but I've enjoyed writing it.
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    Amalgamated Biscuit Sketch book a place where I post my drawings and a few comic strips.