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    Lots of stuff here is going into my reader.

    I just started my blog/site here:

    Eventually it'll have fiction, essays, and maybe music up, but for the moment I'm just rambling there. Feel free to read, although at the moment comments are off, but you can always e-mail me if I've annoyed or inspired you.

      CommentAuthorWill Couper
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2009 edited
    The first of an irregular blog that I'll rant at whenever and whatever I can be bothered about. As well as stuff about when and where I get published.

    My Blog

    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2009
    so, I was at work, and figured I oughta do something.
    so, I did:

    I didn't go and pull blogs from the previous thread, which I also can't be bothered to go find right now as I'm leaving internet access in about 3 minutes and won't have any until Wednesday assuming I don't go out into the blizzard that's supposed to hit tonight to be creepy at the university's computer lab. heheheheh creepy community people. heheheheh.

    and yes, i have a blog, too. but it's not on the other list. *brain skip*

    this is a brilliant fun thread!
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2009
    Massive Job Fail is the blog where I write fake cover letters to potential employers and then send them, posting the original advertisement, cover letter and, occasionally, subsequent responses.
    • CommentAuthorsteevo
    • CommentTimeDec 7th 2009
    @Exploder -
    And if you need someone to find you a Nazi, well, hell, I'll do that too.
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2009
    Just started a new tumblr. Just a place to dump images, videos and websites I find as i wander around.
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010
    Milo the Cloud is my webcomic, that's using WordPress, so technically it's a blog, (and not so technically, it's still kind of a blog, because every time I post a new comic, I usually talk a little about what's going on in life that caused me to throw down with whatever story is currently falling from my brain).

    Floating On the Breeze is the ACTUAL blog for milothecloud, and it uses Blogger, because I still haven't wrapped my head around CSS enough to get it the blog posts on ComicPress to not create a separate comic page every time I do a blog post that happens to have a picture. So I'm basically RSS-ing the blogger-blog into one corner of the comic, so that I can get the blog posts on there. If anybody wants to help explain that shit for me, I'd love to hear it. Or beat me solidly about the head with a link to a website that tells me how to get my head out of my butt, technologically. I'm finally starting to figure out how to get the design looking the way I want it to, so that's something.