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    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2009
    Lighting a fire under my own arse with Sisters Of The Red Death by Vendetta Red.
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2009
    I have set to Kinks radio, and it's throwing great stuff at me all week- Ray Davies solo stuff, old Bowie, The Move, Yardbirds,The Spencer Davis Group, The Pretty Things... my Dad played this stuff when I was growing up.
    Fuck, the English make good music...
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    @Rooth, that sounds like a great mix! the English in the sixties had it, man.
    The Pretty Things are one of my favourite bands.. their album 'S.F. Sorrow', in my opinion, is one of the greatest records ever recorded.
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    I'll be in to check this thread like always, but right now I'm listening to Tarot Sport and NOTHING ELSE. I'm currently permanently damaging my hearing with Space Mountain. Beautiful.
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2009
    Ha! I really like that record too. It's my feel-good hit of the year.


    Harmonia and Eno '76 - Tracks & Traces
      CommentAuthorTim Bishop
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2009
    Pandora had been throwing a lot of My Bloody Valentine's Loveless my way, so I made a playlist of that, the Japancakes lush cover version of same, Them Crooked Vultures (I now think I'm pregnant with their baby), Superdrag (sue me), and early-to-midperiod Joe Jackson (sue me, in the words of David Mamet, "in the World Court").

    Whistle while you work, indeed.
    • CommentTimeNov 19th 2009
    Went to see Kepi Ghoulie, Geoff Useless, and Courtney from NH/MA's The Lanterns play an acoustic show a couple days ago, so their music has been in heavy rotation around the house this week.

    Kepi played a fantastic cover of 'A New England', to which I enthusiastically sang along.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    Today is weird. Several huge piles of crazy fell in my lap last night. Dealing through music.

    Trash Talk - Plagues EP
    Traditional Music of Galway and Clare
    Get Back Guinozzi - Carpet Madness
    Roza Eshkenazy - Greek Oriental Songs in Istamboul
    Sister Rosetta Tharpe - Up Above My Head
    Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare - Tarantella ca nun va bbona
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    Teardrop Explodes - Kilimanjaro/Wilder
    Broadcast & Focus Group - Investigate Witch Cults Of The Radio Age
    Negative Approach - Total Recall

    Just pick up the Teardrop Explodes last night; I had a tape of Kilimanjaro in my youth and almost forgot how great these songs are. Don't think I had WIlder though, so I'm excited to hear that.

    At first listen, the Broadcast & Focus Group album seems wonderfully haunted.

    Going to see Negative Approach on Saturday, so I'm getting myself geared up.
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    NA is playing here in january! stoked. hope they dont still draw a working class/skinhead crowd...
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    Moved on to Murmansk and Fun. Seems like noisy Finnish guitar music and feedback are the things now.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    Thanks to Alastair for reminding me how great "Heavy Zoo" by BEEHOOVER is. Listening to it right now.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    I'm having a weird week:

    Thyrfing - Hels Vite
    Toxic Holocaust - An Overdose of Death
    Bruce Springsteen - Hammersmith-Odeon '75
    Bane - Give Blood
    Have Heart - The Things We Carry
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    @ Joe.distort

    From what I've heard, they don't anymore. It seems to be a lot of hipster kids and young punks. A friend pointed out they don't have the old school skinhead uniform anymore; they just look like a bunch of longhaired old guys, so the vibe isn't conducive to the knuckleheads coming out.

    Hopefully that's the case.
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    another grey Vancouver day... looks like i'm going to listen to all the Sound Ways Nigerian Special LPs i have to help me forget how miserable it is outside...

    also, for anyone else in Vancouver, i'm playing Cafe Duex Soleils tonight on Commercial Drive in Unreliable Narrator with East Van's Queen of ambient weirdness PrOphecy Sun and a lovely lady from Saskatoon, Jeanette Stewart. it's presented by The Safe Amplification Site Society and it only costs $5! a pretty good deal!
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    At this exact moment.... Girls Against Boys Cruise Yourself

    In a couple of hours..... A club night that plays nothing but The Smiths and Morrissey for six hours.
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    Had more wine now , so am listening to Paradise Discotheque by Crime and the City Solution , which will result in much more wine. I blame JonCarpenter.
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    I'll be listening to the Smiths on my own in a shed. As they should be listened to.
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009
    Jesu - Opiate Sun
    • CommentTimeNov 20th 2009 edited
    well, there's this:

    then there's SHE, a chiptune / electronica / ambient / mellow industrial outfit with a lot of free music here:
    so it's that, MOON WIRING CLUB thanks to Warren which is amazing,
    TYCHO ( ambient / electronic / downtempo ) -,
    SUN RA, DUBMOOD ( chiptunes ), and random hardstep drum and bass bits, mostly CURRENT VALUE and old TECHNICAL ITCH.