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    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2008
    yesterday - Monday - very unseasonably warm - someone let the crazies out before their time. hid much until toted along like a stress-koosh for shopping. bought pickles. am insanely happy. also - lychee body butter. ooooo.

    today - it is blowing cold wind from the north very fast with snow. the temperature is very cold. it hurts to breathe cold. it hasn't actually hurt with cold all winter. i begin to believe that sensible winter dressing is the realm of the rebel as i have seen (this is true) women in high heels walking on ice. i saw a woman with no gloves, scarf, hat or proper coat walking outside in open-toed high heeled shoes. on ice and snow with the blowing. i have seen men with no gloves or hats or scarves and with their jackets OPEN!

    it's not the mother in me, it's the how dare you walk around my world with your stupid inability to maintain some decency in the face of ludicrous weather and then get sick and expect me to breathe the same air as you you fucktard slave to fashion or your hair products in me.

    i grew up in chicago in the 80s. you could (and i think still can) tell the secretaries who would always be secretaries and the bosses from their shoes - nothing do to with manufacturer. people who are going to move up in the world wear walking shoes or tennis shoes on their way to work and change into fancy shoes when they get there. any woman who can present herself in public in tennis shoes, bobby socks and a wool suit will make more money than i will.

    i work at a university. you would like to think that somewhere the brain cells of these cloned corn cobs would suddenly flash to life and patterns would be realized and acted upon in rational i don't like being uncomfortable ways. alas. it is a dream.

    but i get to eat shepherd's pie tonight. unless we can't find a shepherd, which is fairly likely. we'll probably see if we can scrounge up one of the cowboys from the rodeo last weekend. i'm fine with that. i like 'em stringy.