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    Interesting article about the history and origins of the novel, and good companion reading to Frankenstein's Womb.

    The standard Frankenstein read during most of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was the third published version of the novel. Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus first appeared as an anonymous three-volume work on New Year’s Day, 1818, in a run of five hundred copies. In 1823, Mary Shelley’s father Charles Godwin published another small run, also in three volumes, with minor changes made by Godwin or the publisher. The third version appeared on Halloween 1831 as a one-volume work which Mary Shelley herself had substantially revised.

    In recent years, the 1818 version has returned to popularity among both scholars and publishers. But a new edition, calling itself The Original Frankenstein, goes still further back in the bibliographic record, presenting two fresh versions of the novel based on a draft manuscript that antedates the 1818 version. This manuscript is a product of work done by Mary Shelley and her husband, the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, between August 1816 and April 1817, work based on now-lost early versions of the story that Mary began in July 1816.
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    oh neat!