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    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2009
    awww hell, i forgot Pantha du Prince. definitely a ladykiller, that one.

    and i'd vote for Bromst over Spiderman of the Rings, personally.
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    gosh... i have to say in the last nine years i've forsaken most modern music and delved deeper and deeper into our lush musical past, so i'll do my best:

    2000 - Grandaddy; The Sophtware Slump
    2001 - Bob Dylan; Love & Theft
    2002 - Sonic Youth; Murray Street
    2003 - The Microphones; Mount Eerie
    2004 - Wilco; A Ghost Is Born
    2005 - Animal Collective; Feels
    2006 - Joanna Newsom; Ys
    2007 - Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings; 100 Days, 100 Nights
    2008 - Portishead; Thirds
    2009 - The Flaming Lips; Embryonic

    you know, i think i would have done better if i just focused on this year!
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    Thirds? oh crap. Third, i meant. damn fingers.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2009
    I'll try my best :<

    2000 - PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea
    2001 - Ours - Distorted Lullabyes
    2002 - KMFDM - Atak
    2003 - Marilyn Manson - Golden Age of Grotesque
    2004 - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Abattoir Blues/The Lyre of Orpheus
    2005 - Sage Francis - A Healthy Distrust
    2006 - Scott Walker - The Drift
    2007 - The Cruxshadows - DreamCypher
    2008 - Ours - Mercy
    2009 - Porcupine Tree - The Incident

    I did my best. x_x
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    actually... i haven't even bought ten records that came out this year (aside from re-releases). nevermind...
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    2000 - PJ Harvey - Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea

    this album was a theme for a time in my first year of living on my own. i used to blare it and take flamingbacardi 151 shots with girls in my building when i was first learning to talk to people. i love PJ, and she is still one of the artistsi am most upset about not seeing live in all my years of shows!
  5.  (7256.67) know what, I totally forgot about Merriweather Post Pavilion.

    I think that between us all we've managed to make a far superior list to the NME's. Not that that's difficult, though.

    I spent a lot of 2008/2009 buying '60s/'70s albums so there's a bit of a gap in my knowledge.
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    This is frighteningly difficult. The last 10 years have had a slew of great albums one year then fuck all the next. Still...

    2000. Radiohead. Kid A
    2001. White Stripes. White Blood Cells.
    2002. Queens of the Stone Age. Songs for the Deaf
    2003. Mars Volta. Deloused in the Comatorium
    2004. Air. Talkie Walkie. (A shit year.)
    2005. Mars Volta. Frances the Mute.
    2006. Arctic Monkeys. Whatever People Say I am...
    2007. Battles. Mirrored.
    2008. TV on the Radio. Dear Science.
    2009. Too tough to call so far. But it's a fight between Fever Ray, Animal Collective and Grizzly Bear.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009
    Man, this is hard. >.< Most of these albums have a trigger memory for me.

    2000: Eels - Daisies of the Galaxy
    2001: System of a down - Toxicity (also: Radiohead - Amnesiac)
    2002: Bright Eyes - Lifted or The Story Is in the Soil, Keep Your Ear to the Ground
    2003: Calexico - Feast of Wire (Muse - Absolution)
    2004: Mason Jennings - Use Your Voice
    2005: Gym Class Heroes - Papercut Chronicles (Iron & Wine/Calexico - In The Reins)
    2006: My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (also: Vienna Teng's Dreaming through the noise)
    2007: Bloc Party - Weekend in the City
    2008: Empires - Howl (Fleet Foxes - Fleet Foxes)
    2009: Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms
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    since Warren mentioned doing it for only this year, i've gone through my collection to see what i could come up with... [i've only bought 3 cds and 7 LPs that were released this year, and certainly not all of them are in the running for the top of the year, if you ask me]

    1. The Flaming Lips - Embyonic [haven't bought the vinyl yet, cause it's ain't out. those bastards!]
    2. Beirut - March of The Zapotec [not the second realpeople EP included, though... it bores me]
    3. Andrew Bird - Noble Beast
    4. Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
    5. The King Khan & BBQ Show - Invisible Girl
    6. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
    7. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Beware [not his best certainly. some good tracks, but somehow not enough - he was awesome live, though]
    8. Sonic Youth - The Eternal [i'd say the same as above, also awesome live this summer]
    9. Wilco (the album) [certainly the same as above, if not more so, but i haven't seen them support this record yet...]
    10. Iron & Wine - Around The Well [it's kind of a collection, no? should it even count?]

    Bob Dylan's Christmas record is probably better than the one he put out earlier this year, 'Together Through Life'. at least the one music video ("Must Be Santa") i saw was better than anything off of it...
    being picky much?
    • CommentAuthorThe Brad
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009
    Impossible. I don't know anything about best, but I know what I listened to over and over again.

    Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds-Dig Lazarus Dig!
    The White Stipes-Elephant
    Tom Waits-Alice
    Monster Magnet-God Says No
    When-Vincent Gallo
    Red Hot Chili Peppers-By The Way
    The Mars Volta-Frances The Mute
    Devendra Banhart-Cripple Crow
    Kanye West-The College Dropout

    Kid A should be up there, but I just went for it gut check style.
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    Bah, I've spent couple of hours sifting through the stuff I listened to checking years, names, etc. and finally got sick of it and deleted the list, haha.
    Problem was mostly related to the fact that I'm always musically lagged and there are albums from the last 5 years that I still have not checked out, so it gets complicated to figure out what came out when.

    So no actual proper list, but if I had one it might contain some of the following:

    Jack off Jill - Clear Hearts Grey Flowers
    Dir en grey - Macabre
    Laibach - Wat
    The Birthday Massacre - Violet
    Ulver - Blood Inside
    Horrorpops - Hell Yeah
    Horrorpops - Bring it on!
    Nekromantix - Return of the Loving Dead
    Cinema Strange - The Astonished Eyes of the Evening
    Cinema Strange - s/t
    Jucifer - I Name You Destroyer
    Angelspit - Krankhaus
    Angelspit - Blood Death Ivory
    The Dresden Dolls - s/t
    Arzt+Pfusch - Love
    Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Songs from the Inverted Womb
    Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - Chambre D'echo (Where the Dead Birds Sing)
    Versailles - Noble

    ...all of which I'm pretty sure are 2000-2009
    I'm sure if I dug deeper I'd find some others and then could assemble a proper list but eh, no time for that.
    (and I'll be shocked to find someone who knows all of the above, haha)
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    @ joe.distort - It was definitely intended as a complement.
    @ Ethan Ede - I know man, in fact I probably should have put El-P's I'll Sleep When You're Dead as my pick for 2007 ahead of In Rainbows. And last month I just picked up all of his instrumental albums, including Oxtrumentals because the man's beats always sound like they're ten years on from whenever you're listening to them.

    Relationship of Command! Oooh, that makes 2000 harder...
      CommentAuthorEthan Ede
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009
    My first draft had I'll sleep when you're dead in the top spot for 07 as well, but it got bumped by New Erections, they are really probably a tie though.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009
    Impossible. I'm not playing.
    But I agree with many of your choices (Botch-regardless of the year, SGM- though I like Of Natural History better, Converge- Jane Doe, Mountain Goats- but my fave is We Shall All Be Healed)...
    You all may live.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009
    @Aurora Borealis
    If I had to pick a Dresden Dolls album, I'd probably have to go with Yes, Virginia. I still have yet to see Amanda Palmer perform, regretfully. I live near enough to Boston, so I have no excuse. I did get to see Brian Vigilone twice, with World/Inferno, and he is absolutely STUNNING. One of the finest live performers I've ever seen, and obviously loves what he's doing. Check him out, if you haven't had the chance.
    • CommentTimeNov 23rd 2009
    Damn, I forgot Personal Journals by Sage Francis, too.
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    I'm of the opinion that ranking music is a bit of a waste of time. Combine that with the fact that I can't remember anything from 2006 back to my birth. Makes a task like this virtually impossible for me. Also, there'd be at least one hundred albums -- probably more -- I absolutely love in that time frame. Last year alone I compiled a group of favorite, un-ranked, albums from the past year and there was around 50 of them. So really I'm on pace for around 500 if I did this.
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    there was around 50 of them

    i bought like 25 records this year...i cant imagine listing 50 'favorites'
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    This has been edited to fix spelling and grammar.

    Hrm. This is pretty much impossible. Here are some great record this decade, from each year that I haven't seen repeated here.

    the Explosion//Flash Flash Flash (2000)
    Brash punk rock done by a lyricist and band who knows exactly where the bodies and buried and where the screws ought to be turned.

    Bane//Give Blood (2001)
    The best hardcore punk record released this decade. The only disc that comes close is the Los Crudos discography.

    Hot Water Music//Caution (2002)
    Some people say this record is about drugs. I say this record is about the entire healing process and drugs.

    Clann Zu//Rua (2003)
    Nine Inch Nails meets a particularly rabid Flogging Molly.

    Planes Mistaken For Stars//Up In Them Guts (2004)
    Dirty, beautiful and profoundly messed up. Up In Them Guts takes me places, man. It's music for kissing girls and breaking the mirrors in your room.

    Paint it Black//Paradise (2005)
    This CD is at your throat from the opening moment and doesn't let go until the last ragged gasps of "here's to the unhappy endings and false starts". Political hardcore the way it ought to be and hardly ever is.

    Crime In Stereo//the Troubled Stateside (2006)
    The band was young enough to still be incredibly pointed politically, and had written enough that they could reinvent themselves. They didn't reinvent the wheel, they just wrote a fantastic Long Island hardcore record, in the process becoming the bands they wanted to be when they were young.

    A Wilhelm Scream//Career Suicide (2007)
    The Phi Beta Kappa of skate-punk bands turns in their senior thesis.

    the Out_Circuit//Pierce the Empire With A Sound (2008)
    Pierce the Empire With A Sound is a peculiar alchemy of Botch and Boards of Canada as overseen by Nathan Burke (ex-Frodus) and produced by Teppei from Thrice. It's hypnotic, aggressive, paranoid and very Christian. In this case, Christian is not a euphemism for being narrowminded.

    P.O.S.//Never Better (2009)
    Aggressive, confrontational and dense hip-hop. Shit yes.