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    • CommentAuthorJJVV
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2009
    Really digging this look into the past and eager to see how things fell apart. I find it hard to find sympathy with the Freakangels though...their actions (mind control, violence, etc) just make them look like the villains of the piece in my opinion.
    • CommentTimeNov 21st 2009
    I echo nigredo.
    very very quietly (I am in the library (shhh)).

    But, you know, no rush. I quite like the pacing.

    Weather here is freakishly gorgeous and wonderful. It's like the sunny Seattle of weather - and it's been the same for two weeks. We had snow. In October. And now people are complaining because it's starting to get a few degrees colder every morning, warming up to something lovely every afternoon. Nebraskans, I tell ya. And they've got a football game to get drunk and stupid over today.

    Thanks, all for wonderful storytelling and gorgeous artwork and a fantastic reason to keep it together long enough to be useful on a Friday (or Saturday) morning.

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    You know, Warren never said they were born in the same place, just at the same time. If this was some sort of military project, I doubt they knew about/participated in it willingly at any point. The interesting thing to find out about how they met one another, rather than why the government is after them, which seems pretty self-evident.

    @ SteadyUp - Arkady is the one with the long purple hair, we had seen her in a previous flashback as such. The one with the short purple hair is Sirkka.
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009
    @ Indigo Rose
    You know, Warren never said they were born in the same place, just at the same time.

    Yes, he did. Or at least he very heavily implied it.
    • CommentAuthorAndrewT
    • CommentTimeNov 22nd 2009 edited
    FA has become an important part of my Friday routine, too. Friday is a half working day for me (I'm a prison tutor) and after some unpaid overtime, I go home, sit in front of my PC with a cuppa and bacon butty and tune in to FA. You can imagine my disappointment when it's a filler week!

    Loving this flashback. An interesting feature is that the FAs have obviously not prepared for what has happened. They're all dressed in what I imagine were what they were stood up in when the hammer fell. Sirrka, for example, is wearing a flimsy blouse and tight skirt - not the best of outfits to wear on the run. They are presumably 17 years old (outliving the Children of The Midwich Cuckoos) and may have been at school/college when it all went pear shaped. I'd love a flashback to that point, but I can see where this is leading to - the moment when they decided to "change the rules". To me, a touching moment was to find that it was Arkady, of all people, who had the idea first ( ), not Mark. No wonder she's carrying enough guilt for all of them.