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    Righto, I have a slight problem of choice. Next week I'm going away for the weekend to climb a mountain and hang around shirtless in the best climbing wall in Wales. I've got some writing to be doing but hopefully I'll find a bit of time to chill out and read (maybe in the minute rest per move on the bouldering problems I find at best wall in Wales).

    My current thinking is that I take one of the following:

    • The Problems of Philosophy by Bertrand Russell.

    • The Warlord of the Air by Michael Moorcock.

    • Swords and Deviltry by Fritz Leiber.

    • Coraline by Neil Gaiman.

    • You'll notice that they're all short. Which means even if I don't finish any of them (I won't) then I'll have a chance of making a decent stab at them.

      So Whitechapel what book should I take to the mountains?
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    I'd toss them all and find yourself a copy of Harlan Ellison's An Edge In My Voice. Best collection of essays ever put together and the smoldering anger will kepp you nice and warm....
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    That, not surprisingly, isn't very useful as a recommendation for the immediate situation; especially considering that it's out of print. I'll take a note of the collection to look into later (although I've never really been a Harlan Ellison fan), but the next book I buy is going to be OL 17. From the selection please.
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    My vote would be Swords and Deviltry. Problems of Philosophy sounds interesting also, but you might be more in the mood for fiction after a day of mountain climbing.