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    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
    I couldn't see a relevant thread so thought I'd start a new one. Here's the place to let us know if you see mention of Warren Ellis or his work in the press.

    I susbcribe to the Lip Service newsletter (, which is a goth clothing company. It has its own webzine and today's issue is entitled, "A Freak’s Guide to Being Thankful!"

    I quote:

    "Oh, sure, there will be lots of lists all over the damn place about what all the boring-ass vanilla super-sunshiney people are thankful for coming into tomorrow’s show-thanks-by-stuffing-your-face fest. But who fucking cares about some asshole gushing over the kids they shove up your Facebook stream every fucking day anyway or the oft-posted-in-all-his-cutesy-pet-glory Mr. Fuzzy or what the hell ever … or *GYAH! … the endless meanderings about how very thank-fuuuuuuulll we should be for whatever mundane bullshit.

    Well, I AM thankful … but for (at least I think) a slightly more interesting, eclectic, and … well, naughty list of fabulousity.

    Warren Ellis
    If you have not been introduced to the King of graphic novel jaded cynicism and glorious vulgarity (not to mention the weirdly funny and nasty one-frames “Edison Hate Future” and “Watson Hates Holmes“) go check him out immediately! His Twitter stream has become so infamous, there is now an actual Warren Ellis twitter generator. (Arse eels to all involved!)

    This is also the genius who created Transmetropolitan’s Spider Jerusalem and gave him awesome lines, like: There was a time when I liked a good riot. Put on some heavy old street clothes that could stand a bit of sidewalk-scraping, infect myself with something good and contagious, then go out and stamp on some cops. It was great, being nine years old.

    His latest project, being the kick-ass human being he is, is FreakAngels, with free updates every Friday."

    Linky to article

    Nice press for you there, Warren! There is actually a picture of Spider Jerusalem in the e-mail newsletter which is why I clicked on it in the first place. There must be 1000s of people subscribed to it.
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    Wolfskin got a nice mention on G4's Attack of the Show this past week.
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    • CommentTimeNov 26th 2009
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    • CommentTimeNov 27th 2009
    Very interesting article there, thanks!
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    Warren Ellis is named as one of "the 20 most powerful people and teams in the world of science fiction."


    Warren Ellis
    Ellis has long been a favorite among discerning comic book fans who have made his books Transmetropolitan and Planetary into cult hits. And his work on countless Marvel titles, as well as his novel Crooked Little Vein, have made him a critical darling as well. But Ellis' power extends far beyond the comic book world, and into the realms of subterranean fashion, philosophy, and trendsetting. He runs a very popular blog that routinely breaks news on the pop trends and weird news that feed the creative imaginations of writers, artists, filmmakers and fans. Ellis is one of the science fiction world's most influential tastemakers and opinion shapers. Next for Ellis: The movie version of his comic book Red starts filming in January, starring Bruce Willis and Morgan Freeman.
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    There was a recent namedrop in the backmatter of Kieron Gillen's PHONOGRAM, for what that's worth. Something about linking His Eelness a certain picture
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    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2011 edited
    Warren Ellis was interviewed for today's Metro in the 60 Seconds With section. Here is a link to the interview.