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    Too cold to sit outside the pub today, so I'm inside the pub with an e-cigarette, trying to force frozen hands into life.

    Em will be updating DRAGON HEIR in an hour or two. Sometime this week my new WIRED UK column will go live on their site, probably a day or two after the print edition hits the street here. TOTW will also go live in a couple of hours, I'd imagine, once Ariana has some coffee inside her.

    I have a shitload to do, and to read. LAN magazine and the PAPER SCIENCE newspaper have arrived, and I need to go through those, as well as an ARC of Bob Fingerman's new novel and a comics series someone wants me to write a foreword for. And all I really want is a day off and ten hours' sleep.

    Also, I need to shop at MagCloud, as there's a bunch of interesting-looking stuff turning up there that I need to flick through the previews of. MagCloud still nags at me: I need to play with that next year.

    Also also, I just read that the issue of FILAMENT magazine I wrote the etiquette column for will be out this week -- will put up links later, but this should be the issue preview link.
    • CommentAuthorKelind
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    E-cigarette, eh? I've got one too, but can't find a liquid that suits my taste or nico needs. Which flavor/blend are ya usin?
    • CommentAuthorD-
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    i was wondering about Do Anything the other day. Nice to know that DA will go on.
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    E-cigarette? Never heard of those.
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    Stoopid Issuu preview locks up my browser. Perhaps it's the gnat's balls worth of RAM this machine has....
    DarkKnightJared - e-cigarettes are a sort of nicotine crutch for those of us who are hopelessly addicted but can't always grab a fag, it's a sort of pen-type thingy that has a canister of nicotine goodness that when you "smoke" allows you to inhale some of that sweet sweet good stuff. ummm, I think. Anyway it's the end of a busy monday at work, and last day of the month so that's about as best a description as I can come up with...

    I also grabbed a copy of Paper Science over the weekend (and Dodgem Logic). Haven't read either yet but I know what I'm doing when I get home tonight...
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    A nicotine inhaler, now made with 200% more SCIENCE.
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    And for the record, I noticed the lack of "Do Anything."

    Guess I'm one of the two...
    • CommentTimeNov 30th 2009
    Too much to do and not enough time has been the story of my life lately. My Fiancee has barred me from buying any more books until I make a signifigant dent in my nighttable-to-read pile. I'm knee deep in the weeds of my current WIP and not sure where I'm really going at the moment, and all the while I'm trying not to clock watch my currently out query letters.

    And the house needs to be cleaned.
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    -maybe he decided he wanted to Do Nothing? Who doesn't need an occasional Do Nothing Day?