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    Everyone knows the Apple Store, everyone knows about Amazon’s Kindle, most people have already downloaded their first mp3 straight to their computer along with a movie.

    Well, I love music and movies and all that. But I want something else: I want to be able to download new comic books straight to my computer.

    I fucking hate my comic store — HATE IT. The service is the worst I’ve ever experienced. They lose my stuff all the time, books sellout so you have to wait, they subscribe me to books I don’t even want, the list goes on.

    Well it’s time books come straight to me every Wednesday for a fee of ninety-nine cents.

    And hey, throw in some video interviews with the team behind the book for free along with the purchase.

    If the comic industry wants to survive and then some, they need to step up.

    And not this kind of Step Up:

    No, they need to step up like Sonny Fuckin’ Chiba in The Street Fighter.

    Have a day, My Spicy Chicken Peeps!

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