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    Munin: WOW..

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    @Oldhat, ditto on the Munin comment. And also, oldhat, that is fucking SWEET.
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    I went on a wee bit of an adventure on Wednesday afternoon. There are a couple of megalithic monuments in the area around me. The largest is an old Iron Age hill fort called Burrough Hill and it is a country park.

    Ice Path

    This is the path going from the car park to the hill fort itself. This is looking back towards the car park and this is a slab of ice. The weather was cold when I was there and it was raining.

    The way into a Hill Fort

    The path leading inside the hill fort.


    Which I didn't take. I just ran up the side of this earthwork towards the trig point.

    Where I looked right.

    left side

    And then left.

    left side zoomed

    That stone marker you can see in the distance marks the extreme left hand corner of the fort.


    After running back down to the bottom of the earthwork I followed a path down the side of the hill fort for a short way.

    Looking up the left side earthworks.

    And I think you'd agree with me that it'd be a hell of a job to attack the sides of the hill fort directly.
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    Some pictures from my first night time photo shoot, it was fun sneaking around town.....these are all HDR



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    A missile tracking station near my house
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    Working on my fashion book this year. Lookie!

    Calvin Klein
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    Are there any good tutorials for HDR?
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    i am sure there are HDR tutorials but the best way I've been able to do it is to make sure to find the right exposure. If your camera has bracketing I like to first find the right exposure for a normal photo then set the bracketing to 2.0 stops +/-, then you can use photoshop or programs like photomatix to align the photos. I take 3 photos because that's all my camera's bracketing can do. Some HDR has 5 or even 7 different exposed shots....hope that helps. :0

    Ps I love the photo on this page that you posted, where is that?
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    Are there any good tutorials for HDR

    Even though I'm Not A Photographer, I still quite enjoyed Trey Ratcliff's HDR tutorial, because it goes off on all sorts of related tangents past "now adjust your slider to this specific number." He also goes on past the usual "here's your perfectly serviceable HDR image" to discuss some cleanup, masking, etc finishing touches that I think some folks might keep as professional secrets, but really give you a good idea of how you can add a bit of subtle polish if that's your thing.
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    @Ariana Thank you so much! This tutorial looks amazing so far.

    @SaucyRossy thanks for the tips! And I'm glad you like the photo! It was taken up by my cottage in Muskoka, Ontario.
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    Some new stuff :

    To Talk Home Free


    Felt Mountain

    More stuff at "Les Fonds Du Tiroir"

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    I promise I'm going to go back and look at all the posts here, but I'm new to Whitechapel and photography is sort of my thing so I figured I'd jump in here quick.

    That would be my friend Jimmie (on the left) and myself on a train at Ebina station in Japan.

    And that is my friend Amanda in front of the shed in my mother's backyard in Oklahoma.
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    Leica M6 - f2/35mm Summicron lens - Kodax Tri-X 400 B&W


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    @Coop-I really like that bottom one, the eyes are very engaging.
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    Thanks - a great model always makes the shot.
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    So thanks to the inspiring HDR shots on here and the WONDERFUL tutorial that Ariana linked, I've been hit by the bug and after some preparing, I went out to take some shots and try out HDR for the first time. Here are some of the results:

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    @Oldhat - I really like the bus stop picture.
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    @ oldhat: A couple more resources for you, first a tutorial on exposure blending in Photoshop that addresses some of what is going on behind the scenes in blending plugins.

    And then some Free Open Source Software for making panoramas and HDR images, Hugin. It's been a minute since I checked it last, but Hugin was great and has had the benefit of several Google Summer of Code projects since.
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    @oldhat I love the first one, it has a great atmosphere and feeling to it. I am really happy you went out and took those ;0
    I am heading back up to school tomorrow and plan on doing some night hdr there this weekend. l

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.