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    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010

    The burning of Burnett's Mound in Topeka, Kansas, USA in April of 2010.
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    @shannon.gilly.3: Isn't shattered (but intact) glass the best? (to photograph)
    So of course I have to put one of my own...
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    @trini yes, nice to photograph, not so nice to drive around with or pay to have replaced.
    • CommentTimeApr 19th 2010
    I'm taking the same photo/darkroom workshop I took last year and applying stuff I've learned since then. I'm having LOADS of fun so far.

    Anywhoo, here is some of the stuff I brought home with me. A few contact sheets and a pic that needs to be changed a bit (WAY too bright on the top and left side [which cannot be seen in the below picture]). I'm really having a lot of fun in the darkroom. Already contemplating what mix CD to play the next time I'm in there on Thursday.

    • CommentTimeApr 20th 2010
    i had a bonanza at my new favourite thrift store. their jewelry collection is insane.



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    Finally got some fooking blue skies in Maine.
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    @allana That middle broach is fantastic!
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    I need to haul my ass to Cuba. Man, those are some lovely shots you've given us, @allana.
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    Yeah, so flowers are both cheating and boring, but I'm really enjoying the results of developing a few test shots from raw with the beta of Lightroom 3.

    As someone normally deeply ambivalent about LR, I'm impressed. The higher-res version looks really nice, but you'll have to click through to flickr if you want to see LR doing its thang.. I don't think It's necessary to spam everyone with it.
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    @DowneastDredge - That's an amazing shot, I like that.

    We went back to the old textiles factory yesterday.There really is some incredible gear in here. It was totally abandoned in 2004, and is the oldest iron-framed building in Scotland. The whole complex is titanic.

    Everything you see out that window is abandoned, along with buildings behind the furthest structure, workshops, and everything on our left.
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    Nice! I'm a massive fan of urban decay, and somehow managed to fail to find any sites of that quality to photograph, despite living in London (which must be full of them, especially during a recession). I suppose I need to stop being such weaksauce and/or find some urban exploration nuts near me to give me a noob's intro..

    Best I can offer in return is the inside of abandoned TV production offices in west London:




    Don't cry


    Sorry that the quality is a bit dodgy- all I had on me was a pocket compact digital, and a tiny LED keyring torch...
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    @CinnamonandSpite, isn't it? mini-embroidery under glass. how precious!

    @taphead, it's a long story, but NEVER GO TO CUBA. i'll try and write it out some time, but for now, just trust me on this.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    @ray i know the place, where do you get in? been meaning to go have a look
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    @microclimate - I think we got lucky with this one. The place is in architectural limbo - I don't think they can tear it down because of it's historical significance, and it hasn't been developed for the same reason, really. It's just incredible. There's a room full of invoices, files, reports, "textile month" back issues reaching back to the sixties. We're hitting an old hospital later in the week and there's old convents, nuclear bunkers etc all around my area.

    @Alastair - There's an easy as anything way to get in, completely out of the way and with minimal climbing. Using that to get in actually revealed an easy and out of the way to get out, too.

    Right: The old building, off of George Street, on the left of which is the main entrance gate. This is the wages office, but it looks just like a house with a black and gold decorative fence on a two foot fall wall, lots of dense trees. On the right of this is a set of old flats. Go in to the flat grounds, around the right up some steps into the communal garden. When you get in there, you'll see a wall at far end. You get up on this wall, on the other side of which is a small drop onto a sort of gap-filler between buildings, big enough for a person. You'll want to walk along the wall until you come see where the spool of old barbed wire has been twisted up, leaving a gap. You can either scurry under this or just skip that and make the jump directly onto the small utility shed with a flat roof in the grounds of the factory. From this you can get down onto ground level from a makeshift platform of an orange drum. You can leave the same way.

    We should have a look sometime?
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    Bastard! Redeem yourself with lots of stunning, pretentious artsy shots of the wonders that you uncover, please. Really should get off my arse and find some nice wrecks to explore.
    • CommentTimeApr 21st 2010
    awesome! we should totallt go have a wander
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    @ Ray, Thank you!

    Also don't catch anything while you're shooting there pls. Or if you do, make sure it's something you can take photos of...
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    I'm in the mood to try something different.

    I live in New Orleans. Most of the things I think to take pictures of have been photographed to death by other people already, so give me a location, a building, a piece of art, GPS coordinates, a vague description of some place you only half remember from that one time with the thing and the guy that may or may not have happened who knows how many years ago, whatever. So long as it's in metro New Orleans, and getting to it or photographing it doesn't violate any major laws (I don't jump fences if I don't know the owners), I'll get to it and try to come up with something interesting from it.
    • CommentTimeApr 22nd 2010
    Drive by portrait post from work. Recent stuff I'm proud of:

    Sorry I haven't been around much lately. You guys are posting some awesome stuff and I plan to re-post a bunch of it over on my inspiration tumblr [which is fed to my twitter] when I get a second.

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.