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    Brendan, care to enlighten those of us not on Myspace?
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    It's a Dark Horse Presents piece about vat-grown meat turning people into flesh-eating ghouls.
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    I am not excited about eating Synthespam, but vat-grown live meat shows great promise for the adult novelty business.
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    Speaking of novelty, I'm surprised the idea of "exotic meats" hasn't been brought up. Most people consider eating certain types of animals immoral, even if they are fine with eating other animals. Everyone has a threshold, be it monkey or dolphin or whatever, up to human. I really don't want to eat a dolphin, but what if dolphin is delicious? Or what if some other animal that's endangered or difficult to domesticate tastes great, or sounds like it would be fun to eat? I'm sure there're enough people out there that want to eat tiger or koala or panda that there'd be a market for it, assuming the process becomes cheap enough. Here in Florida there's an underground network of people who kill, eat and sell manatee (which I find obscene, having hung out with a few in my time). There's been a rash of people's horses getting killed and slaughtered in these parts, too, as it's illegal to kill either of those animals for food here.

    And, of course, there's human meat, if people ever get past the sticky ethical issues. I'll be honest, if there was a way to create vat-grown human meat that was absolutely proven to be totally safe to eat, I'd give it a try. I'd eat a man-burger. I believe there was an establishment in transmetropolitan that served vat-grown human meat.
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    Another random thought - I wonder how the Chinese apothecary trade would feel about vat-grown tiger penis or bear bile?