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    Finals stress. Deep concerns the job is not going to be more then what it is. Been sliding in and out of bitter and sad all week. Feel alone among new people, who have reached out and I just don't know how to respond anymore.

    Might be time to try 60 mgs on the meds.

    Feel like I am the only one who has not gotten over anything; feel unwanted in places I used to think of as second homes for the mind. Feel like a stranger still in my current town. I jump at shadows. And feel blind and lost trying to find a new community.

    And an exam in 7 hours of course.
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    I always particularly disliked winter finals -- can be hard to study when the rest of the world is getting into the holiday spirit. But if you're in exams already I guess you'll be through them soon?
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    I do not deal well with holidays in general really. Last year Anopholes (who happens to be my oldest friend) took me in holiday wise, this year a friend from school did. That helped, but study has meant lack of sleep and that has made me maudlin and stuck on some shit.

    Exam themselves are not bad, but the stress leads to bad places.

    Also not in the office for two weeks and the office is basically my sanity. Work...helps. I need time off to study or will have exam issues but its meant a lot of me being sullen.
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    It's tough to juggle work and school also, I know. Well, at least you'll have semester break to focus on work, though.