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    If these people can deliver cells at the claimed price and with the efficiency the NREL certified then solar is about to be cheaper than coal.

    The company uses low-cost plastic as the active materials to convert solar energy into electricity. The active plastics layer is extremely thin, less than 1/1000 of silicon cell. The company also uses low cost printing techniques to manufacture plastic solar cells.

    The combination gives much lower cost of equivalent energy, 10-20% that of silicon technology, and the fabrication process is both low temperature and environmentally friendly, significantly reduces the amount of energy consumption in the manufacturing process, the company said.

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    What got my attention was them saying this brings them in line with the cost of fossil fuels. They'd bloody better deliver this.
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    Nanosolar is up and running printing cells too. Solar has stood out as an awesome energy source and it definitely falls into the category of 'energy reclamation', a term that seems to be growing popularity as more time goes into developing electric cars.

    You've got solar, of course. The roof of this Honda concept is all solar...

    It surely isn't the first to do so and it won't charge the car quickly, really only meaning to supplement the charge, but it's a step in that direction.

    You've also got GenShock developing shock absorbers that return something around 3% overall power, which is right behind brake regeneration technology already applied to real-world vehicles like the Vectrix.

    Cheap solar elctricity? Oh yeah, I want it. And each day we're closer to my solar-powered Mesa Boogie, the happier I am.
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    Here you go. Zero energy neighborhood...