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    It looks like McCain has Florida.

    I do not like McCain, but this has made me very happy. He is going to be the candidate on the right. Like some revenant he has come back to run at the presidency, un-killable as his ancient bones creak and shudder with the anger of financial reform. And like a proper creature of the night his arch-enemies are the faithful. The Evangelicals, who are massing against him, will stay home come November. Current rumors say they have made their peace with dark magician Mitt - a desperate act to try and slay Zombie McCain. Yet, they are a voting block who has been won through constant appeasement, and not prone to accepting a monstrous night creature.

    The religious right and the corporate right might finally shatter over McCain, and in doing so the left can win, and win big, all we need is a legitimate candidate.

    And look at that, we have two to choose from.

    And the worst - worst case - Zombie president. I do not like McCain, but he is a damn site better then the real monster we have now.