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    Well, he gets to keep the shield.

    However, Colbert is saddened that he does not get the call to be Cap. He even bid the show farewell so he could go take the streets shield in hand, but his red, white and blue balls were not enough. Thankfully, Joe Q has reassured him he is running strong in the Marvel Universe for president.

    President Colbert: Man of Action

    I would buy that comic, ideally written by the members of Man of Action, and as it seems the major candidates are Skrulls. Colbert is the only choice. Yet, what amuses me the most is the direct statement Bucky Barnes is Cap. Good publicity for ye old comic stores again, and a plot "twist" which anyone, and everyone, able to understand foreshadowing or follow a narrative has known for months.

    Which, is to say, its still a point of major contention on comic boards. I can hear the screams now....