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    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2009 edited
    Things they are a changing. After much talk with a friend of mine, I have decided to get back into the making magazine business, with some tweaks. This time around, in addition to using MagCloud for distribution (though we are looking for something better for PDFs) we are going to go ahead and print the blasted thing ourselves and with hopefully a few small ads (alongside more pages) continue to give out or sell for super cheap at physical shops, starting locally and moving out from there. Would also be selling them online directly from us for shipping or shipping plus a buck, still working out details. The other big change is that with us paying to print the thing, we can actually give out a copy to any contributor who is crazy kind enough to send us stuff to publish. As always all copyrights remain with the creator, and they are just being kind enough to let us publish their work.

    So having said all of that, we need some content! We are not going to print until we have handled the details, but most importantly we aren't going until we have enough content for at least two issues, so they are ready to go, and when life eventually pops up and punches me in the face, we won't miss a beat.

    Make Something is a POD magazine project that is designed to be an outlet for creative work. Any form of creativity that can be properly shown off in a magazine format is allowed and welcomed. Fiction, comics, artwork, photos, poetry, travelogues, whatever else you can think of. The only rules are it must be created by you (no breaking of copyrights) and no nudity.

    Upcoming issues need content NOW, your work can help.

    Send any and all stuff to
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2009
    Here is the link to MagCloud's publishing information:
    Basic info:
    Layout Info:

    I plan to have a four page comic for this, hopefully. Any deadline you want to shoot for? Any tech stuff we should know as far as the files we will eventually be handing to you to make things as easy on your end as possible? If I want a short creator bio thing will I have to make room on the pages I've got?

    <_<; Ahem. Yes. I will work on something for this.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeDec 9th 2009
    Wanting to have everything done so it can be ready to be bought in late Feb, so deadline of Jan 26th, giving plenty of time for everyone to deal with the holidays. Everything will eventually have to be turned into a PDF file for the final product, but really anything I can open without having to get a specific program for it should be fine, as long as I can convert it to PDF in the end. And we are still working out the creator info part. There is thought to give a page to short Twitter sized bios, or may just put web address of your site (or however to find you) in the table of contents. It's the one issue that isn't settled, really.
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    I would love to take you up on this, I think it's a really good idea...

    Some technical points -

    I think with self publishing (which in effect is what I think this will be) we really need good editing, there's too much shoddily edited stuff out there which can really detract from the finished product.
    I only want to be involved in a project with a decent editing policy, for example assuming that people cannot ever edit their own material to publisher's standards (maybe they can, but I've seen little evidence of it) - so I would suggest something like saying that people who want to contribute have to agree to edit someone else's work, and then submit it back to that person for a final agreement.
    NB: I'm not talking about editing for style or length - that has to be up to the creator - but editing for spelling, punctuation, typos, and maybe grammar (though with a presumably multinational creative team that's not going to be so important or easy).

    I hope people don't think I'm being elitist or snobby or whatever - I am an evangelist when it comes to self publishing, I just think there's no point doing it if you're not going to do it properly.

    Second - I think that contributor's bios should be on their pages, that makes it easier for the editor, and means that they (we) can format it however we see fit.

    This does sound like a great project, it just needed someone to take on responsibility for starting it, and it seems you've done it. I'll email you more details but I would like to contribute two pages (consecutive!) preferably facing each other, for a story - maybe with a graphic element - but they don't have to be facing pages, and I understand that it would be more important for picture/art based contributions to have that. In return I would be willing to edit/proof four pages from either one or two contributors...
    • CommentAuthorIllogic
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2009
    I've been thinking about creating something called Morph, which would be a monthly or so magazine that switches theme completely between issues.
    The first could simply be called Morph, and the theme would be transformations and change.
    So, essentially you could post a comic going from pencil outlines to done and back again. (Or it could be about change as well, obviously.)
    Write something about the nature of change, "you can't step into the same river twice" and all that. Write something while changing genre every 5 minutes, etc.
    Take photos of construction sites, factories, decay, ruins, etc.
    Know someone who wants to do a make-over, build a house or something? Document it with words and pictures.
    As long as it can be fitted into the theme it's good.
    I just thought I'd throw that idea out, since it seems unlikely I'd use it.
    Any good?
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    If I can gank a fresh copy of Quark Xpress I'd be happy to do some design for you. I have it on my old laptop, but it's fucked (hence why it's my old laptop).
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2009
    Sounds great! Count some photos and maybe a short story in!
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2009
    @mylightshinesapath I forgot the editing bit, between some friends and I, I have a group of people who actually enjoy editing. I will edit to add this, but yes we will look over all the little details like punctuation, grammar and the like and tell folk about it and then change it unless there is an issue, or the grammar issues is intentional. Most of the editors I know are or were pros at one point too so it shouldn't be too much of an issue to get it done, though more help is always welcome :D. The bios on the page sounds like an interesting idea. When it comes to the pages I'm thinking anyone who takes 2 or 4 pages has them together and across from one another. Since there's some neat stuff you can do with magazine design, where in some ways you have a very long page if you want to do any graphics. There will be a need for 2 or 3 single page contributions, but not so worried about getting those handed out right now.

    @illogic that sounds like an interesting theme. Maybe for a future issue we could try it out? I was thinking of using themes later on once it got off the ground.

    @newspaperdrone I may take you up on the offer, I have to wait to hear from someone I talked to about it several days ago, will let you know.
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeDec 10th 2009
    I have a one page thing that you could use.
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    How essays? It seems like a weird topic but I'm in Japan on my honeymoon right now and am forming up some words. I'm not sure what the specific theme would be just yet, and I don't know what kind of length you'd want it, but I could put some words together and maybe include one or two photos too. What do you think?
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    I would like to contribute something, and I would also be willing to edit if needed. I have a bit of experience.

    Who would handle layout for this? I would love to contribute, but I can tell you right now that my abilities are pretty much limited to Word. I will also say, having put out my own mag on MagCloud, that there is a process of embedded fonts in the final pdf that is a bitch to fix unless you know what you're doing (I did not).
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    @lampcommander, and Allen and everyone else for that matter

    If I can grab a copy of Quark Xpress on a computer that works then I'd be happy to do layout. I'd also be happy to do some sub-editing as that's my profession. What's this about embedded fonts?

    We should lay out style sheets (fonts, shapes, colours etc) to maintain continuity when it comes to it.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeDec 12th 2009
    @Oldhat, you are counted!

    @kperkins, sweet, sounds good.

    @tcatsninfan it sounds like something I would read, so since I think I'm final arbitrator on this, sure! I was curious about your trip to Japan thanks to the other thread anyways, and some cool pictures going with it would be cool.

    @lampcommander glad to hear you want to contribute. My original plan for layout was a friend of mine to do a lot of the work and to watch over his shoulder to learn enough to do future ones myself. But: if newspaperdrone is able to pick up Quark and would like to mess with it, I wouldn't argue. I'm still going to practice and learn layout myself for the future, but want as few bumps the first time as possible.

    And everyone, I need a decent guess on numbers if you haven't presented one, Either here or through the above email. Depending on some people, we have hit 28 pages claimed so it's pretty much a wrap on claiming for the first one, I would like to do a few of these over the year though, so if anyone else is interested let me know, can either have back up for this issue, fill any pages we haven't filled if the numbers aren't as I figure, or prep for the second issue.
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    If there is any room left, I'd love to partake. Either within this or a future one.
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2009
    At some point I feel the need to put out an issue of "SMILE Magazine," under the Monty Cantsin byline.
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2009
    @lampcommander and anyone else. desktop publishing used to be my 'thing' til I changed career direction so if you need any help with layout you can get me at dark_cloud at hotmail - the version.
      CommentAuthorcity creed
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2009
    I have QuarkXpress 5.0 (old) here and some experience of using it for mag layouts.
    Would love to get involved, thinking about possible content...
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2009
    Would you like some content from Weaponizer? Citruscreed suggested we do a 2-page spread for you with some sample content. I quite like the idea of printing and illustrating some Twitter fiction. Up for this? I can design on InDesign.
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2009
    @jackcrowder, I'm waiting for exact counts from people, for this issue, but have you down for something in either or, will let you know.

    @Charlene, will add your email to the one I created for this, and will let you know, I'd like all the layout duties sorted out before December is over, though I have to confess having so many offers for help is far from a bad place to be :)

    @citruscreed as stated above, will get that sorted out asap. And as for content if not this issue, then the next one! I just came up with a solid idea for what I'm going to do last night when I should of been sleeping.

    @texture that would be very cool, I think. As stated above, if not this one, then the follow up issue (I'm thinking bi-monthly, s would be coming out in April) will let you know.

    And overall, what free time I have this week will be focused on settling all the contributors to a set page number and make sure the page count is at 28, and then will start handing over for the next one, also I will be setting up a dedicated wordpress for this. After Wednesday I will get to the layout and editorial duties. I plan on splitting the editing between a few people for quick turn around. Also, just received the first page of actual content in my email from kperkins which is quite pretty. Any other questions can be brought up here, or through makesomethingmag @ gmail, I make sure to check both daily at least.
    • CommentTimeDec 13th 2009
    Is it only 2 or 4 pages allowed? i have a little 1 page comic that i'd offer up for this. if not, i could possible turn it into a 2 page comic. I'd like to be put down for the next issue since I believe the first one is full. or you can have me on standby for this first issue ;-)