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    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    Last night I got home and realised I hadn't really eaten.

    I'd had my large coffee, I'd had a handful of dry cereal from one of those vacuum sealed travel cups, but never really left my desk.

    This morning, I was determined to do things differently. I bought my large coffee, then a bready little croissant, and an orange juice (not from concentrate).

    Got to my desk, sat down, and found.. stuff. All sorts of stuff. The sort of stuff that said, 'congratulations, you're getting a raise: TO THIS! ($$<em>exactly what you make now!</em>$$). Found that on a new board I'd been invited to and posted to, in the same day some little shit had cock-blocked every single entry I'd posted.

    This stuff, in addition to the all-sorts-of-stuff I usually get.

    Now I only have to figure out how to tell my company, no, a 12% raise means <em>this</em> much, and decide how to handle this 'other' board situation.

    What I get for cheating on WhiteChapel.

    - Z

    <em>So today's question is, what were/are your challenges today, and what did you (will you) have for lunch? </em>
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    So today's question is, what were/are your challenges today, and what did you (will you) have for lunch?

    My challenge today was getting through my first lifting session with my trainer in one piece. The good news is I impressed the hell out of him by my skills, the bad news is I have new blisters on my palms. (Yes, I usually wear gloves, but a new move has me NOT wearing them.)

    Lunch? Fresh pineapple, rice & yogurt. Not necessarily eaten at once.
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    So today's question is, what were/are your challenges today, and what did you (will you) have for lunch?

    Today's challenge is how to make it through the rest of my day and evening, knowing and feeling full well that I am coming down with the plague that is incapacitating everyone around here. I am slowly feeling more and more like shit as the day goes on.

    For lunch, I had a chicken salad sandwich, a glass of pomegranate juice, and a handfull of pills that I hope will fight off the bad bad germs.
    • CommentAuthorANMorgan
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    Today was not challenging at all. I'm ahead on work so coasted for most of the day, debating evolution and other things over the internal E-Mail system with my friend from the floor above. He's got some fun ideas that I just can't see, but we're exchanging books. He got River Out Of Eden from me today, and he's promised me a book about a cave full of gold spacemen in South America for tomorrow.

    For lunch, I'd run out of bread at home so had to buy something. I got a chicken sandwich from Boots and remembered to ask if it was free range or not, which is the 'in' thing to do at the moment in England. Even if you don't care for the chicken's feelings, battery farming hits your health and your wallet in the long run, so it's a worthy thing, especially as there's some momentum at the moment. I also had a piece of carrot cake, probably for the first time in about 10 years. My step-mum was a horrific cook, and managed to put me off the stuff, but I thought I'd chance it today. I enjoyed it, and the word 'carrot' allows me to pretend it was good for me.

    Tomorrow's pay day, so lunch will be something exciting for a treat.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008 edited
    <strong>@ANMorgan </strong>
    Lunch sounds like it was good, I haven't had mine yet. <a href="">Free Range</a> is a good thing, even if the legal definitions and regulations haven't been completely nailed down yet. Animals are food, sure, but they feel things, they have a life, and they do deserve to spend it out in the sunshine with something decent to eat. It's definitely a worthy thing, as you put it. It's not about 'feelings', it's about basic needs and quality of life.

    <strong>@Shawn </strong>
    Don't let the <em>idea</em> of becoming sick get in the way of being well, though. Keep up with drinking the juice and being aware, but pick up some Purell and stay positive! Illness knows when you're emotionally weak, emotional stress weakens you physically too. You can fight off the germs, and you will. Have some tea and honey to keep your throat strong, and shout down those infecting germ bastards.

    <strong>@Spiral </strong>
    I have addicted you to the pineapples. Next I'll teach you how to cut a papaya.

    - Z
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    For today the challenge is to be at the phone precisely when needed to answer questions about things that happened last year - before i had this job, and to run about and get 'things' done, and to decide whether to go see BladeRunner the Final Cut at the new cool place to go see movies.

    lunch will be chocolate bits and maybe chicken flavored instant noodles lunch in a cup thing. or a bag of goodies from the vending machine.

    supper, though, supper will be never-ending soup with rice! yum.