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    happy whatever Whitechapel.

    am at parents reading nietzsche, thomas paine and ts eliot's cat poems. Two of my children are asleep. Am very content. There is much cheese. Including 'scary mary', possibly the most evil, and thus good, of cheeses.

    • CommentTimeDec 27th 2009
    Hope you've all had good ones, folks. I also hope your heads hurt less than mine does right now.
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    Mine was good. I got whiskey, a HDTV and Batman: Arkham Asylum (among other great things). Combining the three presents is pretty amazing.
    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2009
    Didn't get much in the way of material goods, but I did get to see almost every single one of my favorite people over the holiday break, and I didn't have to get on a plane at all. I would say that's a pretty awesome holiday in my opinion. These days people and adventures mean more to me anyway, and I got plenty of both for Xmas. Now I'm back at work wondering how to pass the time until after the new year when everyone gets back from vacation. Fortunately (no idea why)the techies have not blocked off Freakangels from the internet so I guess a rereading is in order.
    • CommentTimeDec 30th 2009
    Christmas was a mixed bag as usual. The loot aspect was good, dad being a drunken idiot, as if often the case, the bickering between my dad and bro, not so good, only spent 4 days up north with the family and that was enough (love them best from a distance). Christmas 2 with my s/o was ace as always :) Back at work today SOOOOO quiet, it's a bit spooky, only me in my office.....