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    As a vintage comic book fan I'm always interested to learn about cool old publications in related fields, and here's something I'd never run across before. A magazine called Beeton's 1887 Christmas Annual is the first appearance of Sherlock Holmes. Apparently it is considered the world's most expensive magazine and there are about 30 known copies.

    the cover is pretty cool:
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    The facsimile of the above from 1960 runs $150.00 to 175.00 —

    A Study in Scarlet: Facsimile of Beeton's Christmas Annual, 1887
    Morristown, N.J.: B. S. I., 1960. First Edition thus; original wrappers; fine in a slightly faded dust jacket.

    I own one of these from the Baker Street Irregulars - Mine is in better shape - just not signed by anyone famous.

    Mine is in better shape - just not signed
    The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle
    New York: B.S.I., 1948. First Edition, thus; trade issue. With an introduction by Christopher Morley. Edited, and with a bibliographical note by Edgar Smith. Morley collector Herman Abromson’s copy; with his bookplate; signed on the front free endpaper by Smith, Morley, John Dickson Carr and Rex Stout, presumably at a B.S.I. dinner. Very good in a worn dust jacket.

    Worth $650 for the signatures ...
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    stssparky -- cool. can't be too many of those around.
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    Look for this if you can -

    I had one signed by Phil that went missing ... the color plates are from when Warren Publishing had Richard coloring the Spirit.

    This is a surreal cover -
    I'll try and dig up the whole front and back
    I've this as well

    The Adventure of the Peerless Peer

    Fantasy novel (novella).
    By John H. Watson, M.D., edited by Philip José Farmer.
    Actually completely written by Farmer, John H. Watson is used as a pseudonym. Later rewritten and retitled as "The Adventure of the Three Madmen", but finally in 2008, with permission of the Burroughs estate, again published with the original text and title.
    DEDICATION: "Dedicated to Samuel Rosenberg, who has embroidered for the world the greatest Doylie ever."

    The "Peerless Peer" of the title is none other than Lord Greystoke, the jungle-born scion of a noble English family, a duke in Britain but in his larger estate of Central Africa a king. The time is 1916, at the height of the Great War. The east wind has grown appallingly cold in England, and when the Foreign Office learns that a deadly formula has been stolen from the Allies by Sherlock Holmes' old foe, the German agent Von Bork, Mycroft calls his younger brother out of retirement to save the Empire from the greatest danger that ever threatened it. Watson, of course, accompanies Holmes on this perilous mission, and his account of their adventure is one of the most thrilling narratives the good doctor ever penned.
    (Aspen Press edition.)

    Rosenberg wrote "Naked is the Best Disguise"