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    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    I live in hope that mine managed to get from London to Finland in one piece! If not, I shall send it again.
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    the package has until this friday to arrive, otherwise have to resend it. :(
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    halcyonday: Got your CD the other day! The local post office here screwed up a bit and accidentally sent it first to a wrong address. Thankfully, I got it back. :) It's a great listen.

    My CD is getting resend, since it seems to have disappeared somewhere between Norway and Canada. :/
    • CommentTimeJan 20th 2010
    @kahavi - phew! Hooray! and etc. I'm glad you enjoyed!
    • CommentAuthorAllen
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2010
    I got my CD from Brittanica it is quite nifty. Sadly took me a day from receiving it to listen to it thanks to friend calling me to hang out JUST as I was putting it into the player. It is a very fun CD, and not just because it has a song about Katimari that made me giddy like a 12 year old girl, but it has good music, all except for one song I had never heard before, and the one I did know about reminded me I hadn't listened to Pigface or anything involving Meg Lee Chin in years, I have dug out CDs to remedy that and put them on my IPod.

    I also finally had time enough to send my CD off, feel horribad for taking so long. But it is in the mail and on it's way to England!
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2010
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    I've had my CD from MisplacedMind for over a week now (maybe two weeks) and not been in the mood to listen to new music.

    I know that on my first play through there was quite a lot of stuff I like and quite a lot of stuff I was indifferent to. Which is all good.

    The track listing is the following:

    1. Soundtrack - Spamalot - Original Cast Recording (2:54)
    2. The Gothic Archies - City of the Damned (1:41)
    3. Rush - Presto (5:44)
    4. X-Ray Spex - I Can't Do Anything (2:55)
    5. Ramones - Sheena Is A Punk Rocker (2:49)
    6. Sunset Rubdown - You Go On Ahead (Trumpet Trumpet II) (5:41)
    7. Amanda Palmer - Leeds United (4:46)
    8. Wolf Parade - Language City (5:01)
    9. Spoon - The Guest List/The Execution (2:03)
    10. Meat Puppets - Sapphire (4:00)
    11. Handsome Furs - Evangeline (3:40)
    12. Hot Chip - Touch Too Much (4:05)
    13. Cut Copy - Hearts On Fire (4:52)
    14. 104 - Soft Power (5:19)
    15. Thievery Corporation - Sweet Tides (4:49)
    16. Magnetic Fields - Smoke Signals (3:28)
    17. Donovan - Oh Deed I Do (2:09)
    18. Syd Barrett - Terrapin (5:04)
    19. Ani DiFranco - Alla This (3:13)
    20. Joni Mitchell - If (5:32)

    I promise that I'll mail my mix-CD (which I've put together) to someone very soon.
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2010
    Huzzah! it arrived this morning from Emmymau!

    haven't listened yet but am really looking forward to it
    • CommentAuthoricelandbob
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2010
    hmm still waiting at the mailbox for mine. It´s getting cold here, and there are some dangerous looking kids gathering near me....
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2010
    Still waiting for mine as well. Keep meaning to get an eight tracks version of the one I sent done, but keep putting it off. Think I'll kill some time with that right now.
      CommentAuthorCameron C.
    • CommentTimeJan 28th 2010
    Havent gotten one yet either. Sent mine out weeks ago, I dont know the whitechapel name of the recipient, but I assume it got there alright and that they hate it. I am also not offended.
    • CommentTimeJan 29th 2010
    The irony of ironies. The day after I sent the second copy of the CD to its recipient, the first copy comes back from Canada - where it wasn't even supposed to go - all battered up and broken.

    Postal services. Argh.
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2010
    Holy crap, the slow boat to the UK is slow. Anyway, enjoy, Alastair!