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    • CommentTimeDec 28th 2009
    I'm releasing my new comic book this week, the first issue of the graphic novel adaptation of my science fiction novel Vatican Assassin. Cristian Navarro is the artist helping me bring the story to life in images.

    It's out now in the Indy Planet Store:

    Pages start Friday at Drunk Duck:

    It's 2109 and an interplanetary religious war is raging between Earth, The Moon and Mars. “BC” – Bernard Campion – may appear to be a priest in the New catholic Church, but he's actually an undercover assassin for the Pope. His new assignment? Visit the city on the Moon, Lunar Prime, act as Public Relations liaison for the Cardinal there – And assassinate the Governor of Lunar Prime, Meredith McEntyre!

    Vatican Assassin has enjoyed success as a novel (the first third of my “Vatican Assassin” Trilogy). Also cool? The chapters of the audiobook (available for free at have been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times! The remastered version of the audio book went up earlier this year:

    There are some preview pages on the Indy Planet page:
    • CommentTimeJan 19th 2010
    Just wanted to mention you can read the first half of the book online now. The first eleven pages are up at Drunk Duck:
    • CommentTimeMar 5th 2011
    You can now read all the way through 3 full issues of Vatican Assassin! Still at Drunk Duck but now also on it's own site - hey, Charlie Sheen seems to like it!