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    So I got to talking about 4chan and /b's hacker community declared war on Scientology with a friend or two finally.

    The conclusion I came is this: these are people who grew up on Cyberpunk fiction and the related tropes, and who have, to a degree or another, always fancied themselves as the "heroes" of those narratives. When they sent out dozens of pizzas or crashed a chat room in their own eyes they were "edge running". Now they, and I do think it is a they - a group with a degree of preexisting relationships not an endless legion - have found an enemy which matches the stories in their heads.

    Because what we have is a hacker society vs. a corporate cult, and I am sure I played in that RPG when I was 15 or 16.

    Come February 10th they are claiming we will see extensive real life protests, and if you search youtube you can see that a few have tried already. Yet, these protests look exactly like the people out on my street asking me about conserving Georgia's water or civil rights. It does not match the ominous visage of the youtube video releases. Its a bunch of twenty somethings with hand drawn signs giving out fliers. Well, maybe with an extra Guy Fawkes mask then I see locally. They read that book too.

    On the other hand they have link bombed google (search: dangerous cult) and clearly have a nice collection of leaked videos. So maybe the the random vandals of 4chan have decided they will do something with actual impact. Though looking at the counter clocks they released, and considering the organizations they remind me off, I am not sure that is to be applauded.

    Yet, if they manage to have an impact on the real world, or more importantly do not get bored, and wander back off to scream at each other and post pornographic anime images in their insular net communities, then what happens next I wonder. Does that make them an actual cultural force? Speaking as a lawyer, all I can say is, if I was RIAA I would be a bit worried about who they target next.