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    • CommentTimeMar 2nd 2010
    Haven't logged in here in awhile.

    Here is my project, it is over, but I am still working on it. Just got the ozalids and proofs for the book. Even though we raised a ton of money I am still going to be broke from this. One of the most rewarding and joyous experiences of my life.

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    Okay, thanks to the invite from sgrsickness I've finally launched my project and as a result I have some invites to spare, if anybody needs one.

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    Wow. I'm really impressed with the Kickstarter results. My friend just recently met her goal so she could have a gallery showing of her work. After years of having to put it off because she couldn't afford the $1000 or so to rent a space and have an event, she reached it in less than a month with the help of that site. Pretty amazing.

    I'm a little worried about it becoming a bit saturated with bad ideas, however, but I guess it doesn't matter with their very smart "all or nothing" set up. I saw a couple comic book projects that were... less than appealing. Including one asking for a ridiculous sum.

    That being said... I just sent them a long proposal for my own comic project. Which isn't so much to just make a comic as it is to get my name out there to people and publishers. I basically just want to make as many ideas into comics as possible and then hand them out for free. After years of keeping my work close to my chest, I suddenly want everyone to read my stuff. Confidence! What a concept.

    Anyway. Congrats to those that have met their goals or are on their way. I'll gladly pledge when I can.

    (and if my proposal gets shot down or ignored, an invite would be super swell... since I didn't even know it worked like that)
    • CommentTimeMay 16th 2010
    I've got invites, if anyone could use 'em. Contacting me is easy via one of the site listings in my profile.
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    I went the hard way and got my proposal approved. This gives me faith that I'm doing something right already, since there are only a handful of comic-related projects up there. Now to amass my material for the Great Beggening of Moneys!
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    Goodluck, Adam!
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    I did a Kickstarter project for SWEETS and hit my funding goal in the first 36 hours. Mine is closed, but you can still check out the video, I guess they keep them live for a while after the project ends.
    • CommentTimeMay 25th 2010

    Hollow Earth Radio is trying to raise money for a move outta the house and into it's own public space.
    Big step for us.!
    • CommentTimeJun 1st 2010
    Just started my kickstart project! I am looking for help financing my trip down US-50 in search of the american dream, empty horizons and crushing loneliness. We will see if anything comes out of it, but those who are looking to support art, and want fabulous prizes click the widget below :)

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    Just wanted to update everyone.

    I got my exhibit funded! Granted, for a lot less than ideal and through IndieGoGo, but it got funded and on top of that it has a venue and a date!

    If you're in Los Angeles on August 7th (a Saturday), come to the Artist Reception. Here are the details:

    Between Heaven & Hell - Artist Reception
    August 7 ยท 6:00pm - 9:00pm
    Hangar Gallery, South Hall, Santa Monica Art Studios
    3026 Airport Avenue
    Santa Monica, CA
    Full Exhibit runs from August 7th through August 21st, 2010

    Phone: 310.397.7449 Fax: 310.397.7459
    Public Hours: Wednesday through Saturday 12 to 6

    Hope to see some of you there! There's an open event page for it over at FB and at it's indiegogo page too:
    • CommentTimeSep 10th 2010
    Hmm. I seem to be pondering using crowdsourcing to fund a tour. How would you guys feel about funding something that is not quite as tangible as, say, a book? Of course perks for folks chipping in is one way to go, and that will definitely happen.

    IndieGoGo seems to be the way to go, as I'm on the old continent.
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    Hey there folks! I'm glad to see a page dedicated to Kickstarter projects on here. I may still start a thread focused solely on my project if it seems I'm taking up too much room in here with my updates.

    We have until December 2nd to reach our goal of $16000, daunting I know, but it's for a large graphic novel, so whaddya gonna do?

    Anyway, if you're the type, please pledge to our book, and if you're not the type, please pass this along to someone who is!

    • CommentTimeSep 12th 2010
    A local chef/butcher in the 'eat local' movement in the Boston area got the startup for his business funded through kickstarter.
    Akimenko Meats strives to bridge the gap between the city dweller and our local farmers. Our commitment to our neighbors is to bring in local, organic, and sustainable products while supporting the local agricultural community, building customer awareness, ultimately aiding our local economy....

    Check it more info at his kickstarter.

    It's worth checking out just for the awesome video at the top of the page! Especially if you want to see a pig get cut up by a professional butcher!
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    Hey folks, just a quick update that we're over 10%!!! I feel like this is a really good start and that the next 75-ish days have a lot of promise... Please jump on my little bandwagon!

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    My friends and I run a DIY arcade called Babycastles (LA Times | Rhizome | BushwickBK) where we feature games made by small and independent developers. Our normal location is in the basement of an underground music venue in Ridgewood, Queens called The Silent Barn. BUT! We're working with Chashama to set up a temporary location in Manhattan on 42nd St. and 3rd Ave (near Grand Central) where we're going to curate a bunch of 2-week arcades right in the heart of the big city. We'll also have art galleries curated by the folks at Showpaper and a series of musical guests far more impressive than I was initially expecting when we started this adventure.

    We'll have the space from early October to December 29th. Please come, if you'll be in NYC during that time.

    We're trying to offset the costs of setting the space up a little bit with a kickstarter fund. We've got some great rewards if you're in a giving mood: zines, games, and a few copies of Katamari Damacy signed & arted up for us by Keita Takahashi only days before he announced that he was leaving Namco.

    Thank you for what you can contribute.

      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeSep 16th 2010
    I've been pushing our project for a few weeks all over the place. We have rewards coming from Jake von Slatt, Lastwear, and Improbable Cog, but we are lagging behind in funds. We're CC licensed, open source world, and doing some really unique things in the book.

      CommentAuthorJon Wake
    • CommentTimeSep 21st 2010
    I just wanted to say that with nine days to go and being nearly halfway there, the time is now to donate!
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    @ Jon Wake: Hey there, sir! You guys are up on Kickstarter's front page today, so congrats!!!

    That said, I've broken $2000, so we're 1/8th of the way there. Yay!!! Keep 'em coming!

    EDIT: Also, just posted Virtuoso on my Facebook and popped in a pledge. You all should do like-wise!
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    Hey y'all.

    Babycastles hit our $6000 goal today with 6 days left on the clock, so thanks to all of you who donated. Also, videogame/culture site IGN announced today that they will be matching 100% of all donations between now and the end of our fund drive on October 4th, so if you haven't given yet, now would be a great time to do so.
    • CommentAuthorVerissimus
    • CommentTimeSep 28th 2010
    I think it's a very cool idea, but there's some stuff about it that I still don't get: just for argument's sake, what's to stop me from spending all the money that was pledged for my project on booze and hookers?