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    • CommentTimeOct 11th 2012
    Cool, Lea. I remember reading about your Kickstarter when I was looking at past campaigns to see what had been done before, lessons learned, best practices, etc., but it was well over by the time I heard about it. Glad I get a second chance to be a part of it. Best of luck and will check it out tomorrow.

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    Hey guys!

    My name is Quinton Miles, and I recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for my new sci-fi action comic entitled DAMON _______. In a nutshell, the story's about an alien nomad in the midst of a never ending war against the leaders of race in their attempts to take over humanity. There's obviously more to it than that, but here' s the link to the project page for you to check out for yourself:

    Damon ______ (Graphic Novel)

    Any and all support is appreciated, so if you like it please spread the word. Even if you can't pledge anything a "like" would be great, too! Thanks!
    • CommentTimeOct 12th 2012
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeOct 31st 2012
    Sentinels of the Multiverse, one of the best table games I've played in a while, is doing a Kickstarter for their next expansion. It's already funded and then some but it's a good way to help the project along and pick up some of the other components of the game if you don't have them.
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    Hey, gang!

    As of yesterday, we are back on Kickstarter to fund the printing of Volume Two of Ultrasylvania. As you can see we're already off to a great start. We even scored the amazing trifecta - we were the #1 Staff Pick for Comics, the #4 for Staff Pick for ALL projects in San Francisco, and ultimately the Kickstarter Home Page! Quite a day! So flattered that this project has managed to attract a following and that it continues to blossom.

    • CommentAuthorKradlum
    • CommentTimeFeb 14th 2013 edited
    I don't think I see this mentioned anywhere on the site. It involves a couple of Whitechapel favourites and might need a little love:

    And Brian's project above still needs a little push to reach it's goal by tomorrow ^^
    • CommentAuthorVera
    • CommentTimeFeb 22nd 2013
    Oy, there are so many incredible projects going on, I am about to be pulverized! But I'm trying on Kickstarter with my dark fantasy project called PAPA. It's about fathers that are put in bizarre fantastic situations, and they all make decisions that will alter the lives of their children.

    The book isn't super graphic or gross or anything like that, but it's mature and thoughtful and parts of it are darkly humorous. I'm working on it with three amazing artists - Ben Jelter (of The Tumor and a video game called Sidius Nova), Joseph Lacroix (of Diablo) and Lizzy John (of Fraggle Rock).

    Well, that's it, if you want to hear me talk about it in my Russian accent, and watch me get scared by poltergeist books at the end of the video... you can check it out here:

    Here's the first page of the comic, PAPA.
    from PAPA by Vera Greentea, art by Joseph Lacroix

    Thanks so much for checking it out!
    • CommentAuthorkperkins
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2013
    Howdy folks.
    I'm involve in a Kickstarter trying to fund a 4 issue one shot comic. I'm lettering the comic, and have worked with the writer before (checkout, which I'm also lettering), and he's pretty good. So if y'all could check it out, give it some love, and spread the word, it would be appreciated muchly.

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    Anything That Loves is a comics anthology focusing on sexuality that falls outside the gay/straight dichotomy. Think "bisexual", "transgender", "pansexual", etc. I'm one of the creators who is contributing a story to this project, an episode from my quasiautobiopornographic novel JAQrabbit Tales. (The book itself will be R-rated.) The money from this kickstarter goes to pay for the book's production costs, and if enough money is raised, the creative contributors (who are all donating their work) will also see some money. Most importantly, it's a project designed to combat the prejudice that bisexual-or-otherwise-queer-identified people experience, from both the straight and gay communities.

    • CommentAuthorArgos
    • CommentTimeMar 25th 2013
    Aww, that reminds me of when I tried to come out to my mom as pansexual and she gave me this speech about how bisexual people are just promiscuous sluts who use the label as an excuse to be promiscuous and they just need to pick a side :( What still baffles me is that part of the gay community is bi-phobic. I mean, I've found the majority of my queer allies in that community, so you'd think they'd all understand, but nay.
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    I never needed an excuse to be a promiscuous slut. :) And for real: my most promiscuous periods were times when I was only doing guys.

    Gay and lesbian people have leaned so hard on "it isn't a choice" to win social acceptance, that the existence of people who can (on some level) choose to be sexual with either gender, threatens to undermine that. Of course we don't choose who turns our crank any more than a Kinsey 0 or 6 does, and we shouldn't have to rule out possible matches just to satisfy someone else's arbitrary standards. Which – to steer this back on topic – is just one of the things that the stories in this anthology will be talking about.
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    Best ever Bi slogan T-shirt included one that said:

    "Mmmm... this fence feels good!"
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2013
    Oi, fuck knows I've been bi-bashed several times, by people both communities...

    Not promiscuous in the slightest, just don't think the gender of a person I fall for is particularly relevant.

    Heard about this kickstarter through Erika Moen. I can never use Kickstarter because it's credit card only, but will make sure to stop by a Prism booth at a con or, if I can, order a copy when it's out. :)
    • CommentTimeMar 26th 2013 edited
    This is my theatre company's kickstarter for our upcoming play. We've got most of our budget covered (I wish the page noted that) but we're going to be producing this in a space other than our home theatre and therefore we need to come up with the rent for the new space.


    OUR CLASS West Coast Premiere, or why the ^@#$#% can't I get the damned widget to post.

    I totally believe in our work but this kickstarter is moving forward more slowly than the one we ran last year. I don't really know why but it's a little dispiriting. I rather wish we had gone with IndieGoGo which lets you take home even a partial amount, if you fail to hit your goal.

    I also like IndieGogo precisely because they're not so picky about what projects go up - they can be ongoing, they can be straight up "fund my life," they can be soliciting start up capital, and, most important to my thoughts on a crowdfunded project, they're fine with alcohol being offered as a funding reward. I've been thinking of crowdfunding a wine tasting evening that I would host and IndieGoGo suits my needs best - I can tailor the evening specifically to my donors because I'll have exactly the amount per attendee. That is, I can say "donate $25 and that's your admission, and I know I won't have to worry about getting more attendees or buying extra wine because I have too many people coming....

    I've even been thinking lately about a sensory fooding/dining play... telling a story with tastes and textures, scents and flavors. (this is an example I came up with today) It's strange and different enough that I can just imagine I wouldn't be able to raise much interest, let alone money, but if even one person jumped on board to help with the cost I could give that person one hell of interesting evening.

    I dunno... I've been mumbling to myself all day about what I could do. But I'm still mostly worried about my company and what we'll do if we don't make our goal.
      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeMar 27th 2013 edited
    Hey folks, i'm in the second week of my second fundraiser, this one on Kickstarter, with Mark....

    DRACULA: SON OF THE DRAGON - The Kickstarter Campaign is live!

    Part historical fiction, part horror fantasy, DRACULA: SON OF THE DRAGON is a comic book chronicling the transformation of Vlad the Impaler into the vampire seen in Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

    We need your help funding the first of four 60 plus page graphic novels by Mark Sable (Graveyard of Empires, Unthinkable) and artist Salgood Sam (Dream Life, Sea of Red, Therefore Repent, Ghost Rider 2099). The first editions of which will be offered exclusively through Kickstarter. To bring that book to you a we’re asking a modest $14,000.

    You pledge is greatly appreciated, any support you can give by publicly sharing the drive with your social networks a huge help in making this comic happen.
    We’ve been slow cooking the project for a while, after first developing it as a web comic idea.
    You can read the pitch and eight page pilot of the story here.

    Please take a moment to share Dracula: Son of the Dragon with your friends on Facebook and Twitter: marksable & salgood .

    Hope you dig it!
    • CommentAuthorFlabyo
    • CommentTimeApr 10th 2013
    Tiny Games is being developed by some friends of mine.

    It's basically an app you can run that asks you a bunch of questions like where you are, how many people are there, and various things you have access to, then it gives you the rules for a simple game you can play with those parameters. Spoons in the kitched, twigs in the park, pints down the pub... all suitable props for games.

    It's a cute idea, and not a very complex app so they're not asking for a huge amount.

    It's a couple of hundred quid away from being funded now, be ace to get it nudged over the line...
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    The campaign for Anything That Loves is in its last couple days. The funding goal has been met (and then some) but there are still reasons to back it, including snazzy limited-edition rewards like this t-shirt, and the fact that if it gets another $1540 in the next 39 hours, I'll get paid over $230 for my story! :)

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    Finally have my own campaign on the go, and I thought I'd share it here...

    Last In Space is a web series about 2 spaceship pilots (in the future, when humanity finds out we're the last intelligent species to make it out into the cosmos)

    Our goal is modest (just trying to get enough money to build the set) and if nothing else we have an animatic of the first episode about 40 seconds into our pitch video which seems to be going over quite well.

    Please share this if you think it's funny.
    • CommentTimeJun 23rd 2013 edited
    I finally launched my Kickstarter project: Narwhal BBQ Skewers

    It went up on Friday, is almost at funding. Would absolutely love if y'all could help spread the word. My favourite critique of them thus far is: "For as stupid as they are, they're really cute" I feel it sums up the project perfectly.

    Any and all help would be extremely appreciated! I also did some arts for t-shirts and aprons and whatnots - your narwhal roasting anthropomorphic food stuffs comes in vegetarian or meat flavours. I have plans to expand the lines as funding increases, as well as adding new incentives, so please help me reach the goal!

    Also, be sure to check out the video on the project page - I am having no luck embedding either the widget or the video here. I recommend the first 10 seconds, before I come on screen and ramble on.
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    That's yours? I've been tempted pretty hard due to them being absolutely adorable. Excellent work! :)

    Don't have a place to barbecue, unfortunately, but I'm down for a carnivorous t-shirt. You've added that since I looked last, so now I'm a backer.