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    • CommentTimeJun 24th 2013
    @james Thank you *so* much! Glad to have you as a backer!
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    Narwhal skewers made it to Fark.

    -edit- And front page of Kickstarter, too! Grilling instruments on the 4th of July may be a bit of an advantage. :)
    • CommentTimeJul 8th 2013 edited
    The Guns of Shadow Valley is on kickstarter to help us finish the comic and print an oversized hardcover collected edition. We've got just one week left, but I just put up a bunch of new art reward incentives. We've made our minimum goal, but would really like to do better so we can improve the quality of the book and send out free stretch goal rewards! And if we make $50,000, I'll shave off my beard.
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    Apparently that 'Doom That Came to Atlantic City' kickstarter from a couple pages back turned into a giant clusterfuck.
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2013 edited
    Älymystö - Magnum Opus

    A-yup. Älymystö is coming out of hibernation, and we're doing it via crowdfunding this time around. It ain't easy having the band spread around over the country, logistics-wise...

    ETA: When done, it will be released on CD, vinyl, on all the usual digital channels and as a free download, as per Standard Operating Procedure. Also, I can't wait to see how the borders of the "industrial metal" genre get stretched on this one. *cackle*
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    Anybody have $475 I can borrow?

    Lomography Petzval Lens
    • CommentAuthormanglr
    • CommentTimeJul 26th 2013
    @glukkake - congrats on the successful funding. My wife demanded the skewers and is eagerly looking forward to the vegetarian narwhal t-shirt!
    • CommentTimeJul 27th 2013
    @manglr Thank you! I'm really excited to get all my lovelies out to everyone. Going back and forth with the factory on getting my first sample for the full run now!
    • CommentTimeJul 30th 2013
    Hey everyone,

    Bradford Brown and Laughing Soul Media have an interesting Indiegogo campaign for EXPERIENCE IT, a new form of entertainment. There is more information at the link but it stands to change the way that we play video games where you are the controller, like a Kinect, but you are in dome with a 360 degree projection so you are completely surrounded by, and in, the game.

    They have asked me to come along and help with the writing in the game. While the “Immersive Theater" is completely intriguing I am very excited about having a chance to be on the frontline of crafting the tale. Knowing that the game is geared toward positive family experiences we are in a great position to write a gender neutral story that EVERYONE can experience. Being a husband and brother I know that video games, from their inception, have been made primarily for boys and my wife and sister have had to be girls in a boy’s world. We have a chance to change that. I don’t want to be a dad some day with a daughter wondering why I, with a chance, did not go of my way to give every player an equal opportunity to be inspired. Games that are not just for the boys, but everybody. That is what I plan to bring to the project.

    So please, take a moment and join us with this project and share this with everyone you know who may also be interested. This is your opportunity to join us to give people a unique game experience in an exciting new format.

    Thanks for your time,

    • CommentTimeAug 29th 2013
    Hey guys! Long time no post.
    Seriously it's been forever and a day.

    Oldhat talked me into posting about my Indie GoGo campaign for Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders. It's a horrible little one shot comic that was born from a Remake Remodel thread here on Whitechapel a couple years ago.

    Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders is a 1 issue satirical parody comic about 4 Dude Bros who steal a spaceship and are transformed into 3 Magical Girls and a Sharkpony. The comic began it's life as an forum art challenge entry but was just too fun an idea so it became a full 22 page comic.

    Here's a delightful link to the comic that features a magical crime against nature as it's mascot:

    My art has gotten a lot better since the days when I first came up with the concept! It just took me a couple years to get to the point that I had enough confidence in my work and the comic to get it drawn. I shopped it around to a lot of publishers before going with IndieGoGo. Most responded with silence but I did get some positive albeit "we can't really publish this right now" responses from a couple. It's a weird comic and I guess it might be too weird for most publishers to take on?

    We've got some really cool rewards including a hand made plush donated by Robo-Shark which comes with a shirt, comic, poster, and mug.

    Take a look, watch the campaign video, share it with your friends and loved ones that might not mind seeing Magical Dude Bros traveling with a man eating shark with legs (and a delightful rainbow tail!) I did all the voices and art myself (save for the photo of the plush which was provided by Robo-Shark.)

    Thanks for taking a look,
    I will now return back to my cave I've been hiding in for the last couple years.
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2013
    Ughhh holy shit I want that shark pony plush
    • CommentTimeAug 31st 2013
    I KNOW, RIGHT? I lack the money to get in on that though. :(
    • CommentTimeSep 11th 2013 edited
    Some people I worked with last year on a film called Neon Ghosts are doing a web series about lucid dreaming and Jungian dream archetypes, and it's called Border Queen. I appear in it as a fish creature for about ten seconds, but my main reason for sharing is that the cinematography looks absolutely fantastic in the pitch video (which has no me, because my "character" is to be CG-enhanced) and I would love to see it get as much of an opportunity to deliver great effects as possible.
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    Posted as a discussion and then pointed this direction (thanks Oldhat)

    Creature Entertainment and Cosmic Times, two independent comic publishers from South Florida, have joined forces—and we need your help to show the world what we can do! HOW? Help kickstart our showing at New York Comic-Con!
    In return, we’d love to offer you something awesome—our exclusive "NO SLEEP TILL..." anthology book, collecting the best comics of the year from both CREATURE ENTERTAINMENT and COSMIC TIMES, including 100+ pages of art and story!

    I was just looking over and if each of you guys, hell if half you guys, gave a doller to our KICKSTARTER, we would reach our like nothing. Please take a look and you'll you'll find some amazing rewards for you! And if you can't give a lot, give a doller, and if you can't give a doller, RT, or reshare this! In the end your investing in the futre of Indic comics, right here, right now!

    We're just trying to reach out to as many people as we can, with only 10 days to go!

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    Hey, gang!

    Following in the footsteps of our previous Kickstarter successes for both Volume One and Volume Two, we’re launching Campaign #3 this Monday, September 30.

    If you missed out on either previous book for any reason, fear not. We’re making copies of both available as well.

    We’re going to have some rather wonderful rewards lined up, too – plus, we might have something special to offer folks who back on Day One. I’ll update you on that if it comes to fruition.

    Continue to watch this space. I’ll post a link when the campaign goes live.
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    Well, despite getting the title of my own damn book wrong in that last post, I did manage to effectively launch the bloody thing yesterday. And, it's off with quite a gait! Please, take a gander. If you deem it worthy, perhaps give it a share.

    ULTRASYLVANIA, VOL. 3: The Book of the Damned
    • CommentAuthorRenThing
    • CommentTimeOct 1st 2013
    If you're into RPGs and missed the last Reaper Miniatures Bones kickstarter (where you got approximately $2k USD worth of minis for $100), here we go again.
      CommentAuthorPaul Sizer
    • CommentTimeOct 22nd 2013 edited
    Hey Whitechappelians, I think you might dig this...
    Jane Irwin (my talented and lovely wife) has just launched her Kickstarter campaign for the publication of her newest graphic novel, CLOCKWORK GAME. It's a massive historical fiction work chronicling the life of "The Turk", a mechanical marvel that played chess against the best players in the world and confounded audiences for nearly 80 years as to how a machine could accomplish this astounding feat. Jane has done a ton of research work on this project, and worked for nearly 5 years to bring this story to life. And it looks terrific!

    Now she's looking to you to help bring this epic work to publication. Follow the link below to find her newly started Kickstarter campaign page, watch the video, and help support this amazing project. I'm proud of her work on this book, and I think you'll agree it's a major step up in Jane's storytelling and artwork abilities, and a story that will amaze and engage comics fans and first time readers alike. You may remember Jane from her first two graphic novels, VOGELEIN: CLOCKWORK FAIRY and VOGELEIN: OLD GHOSTS.

    Enjoy your first look at CLOCKWORK GAME! It's your move. And please; pass the word to friends and fans you know who may like this as well. Thanks for your time!

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    Hey guys, i'm new here but I am a small time writer who is working on a comic with my artist friend based on the 90's cartoon Biker Mice From Mars. We got a license agreement from the creator Rick Ungar and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the first issue (there will be six in all.) The video is super cheesy but we wanted to have fun with it, so sorry if it's cringeworthy. Here is the page if you are at interested.
    • CommentAuthorMax Miller
    • CommentTimeNov 5th 2013 edited
    Yes, I love Kickstarter. Just put up my first one, and as of right now we're at 111% with a little over a week to go! It's been really awesome to see how people have come out of nowhere to support something I've worked for a really long time on.

    Home site of the webcomic is here: