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    Blu was saying on her LJ earlier:

    Toxian City is going to be a ghost town. People are leaving right and left due to a crack down of strict rules from GM's. Whole groups have been banned and established players have been told they cannot continue to RP the way they have been. It boggles my mind and I don't understand. How do they not see that they're driving seasoned players away? They've killed entire threads. People are scattering and trying to find new places to exist.

    Anyone know what's going on there? Seems to me that they're cutting their own throats -- if nothing else, they need to keep selling DCS2...
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    I might know more this evening. Powerplay maybe? New GM's stretching their muscles? No clue, but when GMs and players above level 6 start leaving, it's not good.
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    It's against the interests of the sim owners to perform mass banning, surely?
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    aw, man. for all the lag, that place has (had?) the most enjoyable RP I've seen on SL...
    • CommentAuthorhank
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2008
    hm. I was in there a while back and had a hell of a time getting DCS to work right (I may have been doing it wrong)
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    Just been into Toxia. Combat in the streets, meetings in the big buildings, sim barely operating (as usual), Toxia Times un-updated since last October...
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    Yeah, i stopped in again recently, but it just blows, i can barely walk with my current avatar build, and i just dont feel welcome, or hated, or anything.

    I've been mostly a City of Lost Angels denizen, tried midian, its a ghost town, Wastelands, well, my current robot form is a wee bit too shiny for that place, and the whole scavaging game, just never got into it.

    Cola has some great RP, from time to time, a bit more urban fantasy than sci fi ish for me, and can be laggy too.

    overall, its pretty groovy.
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    No-one's playing the scavenging game anymore.

    I think it was CoLA where I got attacked the second I left the safe area. No RP, no nothing, just some idiot hacking at me with two swords. This was back in the days when I'd wear twin Springfield automatics as a matter of course while travelling through sims.

    So I shot the guy down, obviously. And while he was laying on the ground healing I went back and shot him some more just to make my point.

    Fuck RP sims, generally.
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    Scavenging game in the Wastelands is offline since it's getting a major overhaul revision, with character skillsets, revised and more accurate weapons, minigames (rock crushing for minerals/ore, hunting animals for food, growing food for spices, healing herbs and poison), and mob monsters to hunt.
    Currently, i've seen 3 working mobs (the vulture, the robot drone, and raider)....there's a giant thunderbird in progress that's flying over the Ashvasta sim.

    Version 2 of the game system is about 85% finished according to NeoBokrug's profile picks.

    For anyone that just wants to shoot each other (or at a big bird), there's unlimited bullet ammo restock and a heal box in the Ashvasta sim. Both items will only work for anyone that still has the version 1 HUD (it's no longer out for distribution because of the impending update) and also if you managed to create any guns that take bullets (as opposed to simple slugs or the basic nailgun).

    Last i checked the bird wasn't really reacting to getting shot but was too tough to kill also.
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    I have fun with the RP, when its actually being RP'ed.

    maybe i do need to reskin myself more rusty.
    • CommentTimeFeb 5th 2008
    Not to offend, I certainly respect you roleplay guys for what you put up with for your hobby, but the eventual GM powertrips are a large part of why I avoid RP sims.

    Still, my few visits to Tox were rewarded with a stint of creativity, if it does go, I will miss it, even if I only visited for ideas.
    • CommentTimeFeb 6th 2008
    I'm still trying to get my DCS2 to work... I've been itching to join Blu in Toxia.
    • CommentTimeFeb 15th 2008
    Ferburton - it's STILL not working?!??! gah
    Did you try the /09 reset password thing? IM me again next time we're both on. We gotta get this figured out.

    Also, I should put an update in my LJ at some point on Toxia. Alot of stuff went down last week, week before. Some changes. Some good, some bad. Some of it WAS a powertrip. The end result was a kind of flushing - some older players got angry and left for good. However, the city still stands, some new threads were started and it's full of newbs learning the game. It's not going anywhere, just got shook up a bit and a few pieces fell out.