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    (cross-posted from my website, with my thanks to the Whitechapel Community for your wonderful support. Cheers!)

    And with this last 2009 leftover, the first volume of PITCH BLACK ends, with the second volume to be born tomorrow.

    This thing got a modest but steady readership, more than enough motivation to keep me going. In the early days (about a year ago being "the early days"), it was going to be full of recurring characters and dialogue based humor, as evidenced by the terminally-ill father...

    ...and the dirty-mouthed pink blob...

    ... both of which disappeared due to my wish to keep PITCH BLACK loose and capable of tackling any subject in any style at any time. There's only one recurring group, this webcomic's symbol: the space crew, seen above ending this generation, and below on their first appearance. If I remember correctly, even though this is the third PITCH BLACK strip, it might be the first idea for the comic I ever had:

    The next generation of PITCH BLACK will have three times the resolution, handwritten dialogue in balloons (as I could never decide on a bloody font) and the same art style done in a clearer, cleaner fashion, but fundamentally the same. It will just allow me to try for more sophisticated visual gags -- assuming "sophisticated" is an adjective I can use when referring to PITCH BLACK.

    I'd like to thank everyone who reads and supports this comic for every re-tweet and comment. Thank you thank you thank you. It's very appreciated.

    Any criticism, negative or positive but please constructive, is always very welcome.

    This was PITCH BLACK vol.1. I hope you enjoyed.


    André Navarro.