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    It's a new year, and I want some new things to shove into my Google Reader. But, often, when we do a "Link your blog" thread, it quickly turns into 100 pages of chatter that you've got to sort through to get to the gems. If I wanted that, I'd just hit google and find things myself.

    So first, some guidelines:

    * I will quietly delete any post I don't like, because I feel like it, and I will delete any follow-up posts asking "why did you delete my post?"

    * Some posts I don't like will be any posts with "I write stuff and it's not that interesting but everyone else is linking so I am too" or "I really just put stuff here but it's not finished and I don't much care but I wish I had readers" or "I think I'm very interesting here's my link full stop"

    * You're linking YOUR blog, not someone else's. If you think someone else is interesting, you can tell them to make an account and post themselves.

    * Although it's always very nice to receive positive feedback, this thread is not the place for it. If you like a blog you see posted here, then go read it. If you take up a post to tell someone you like them, here, I will quietly delete it. We're making a catalogue, not a review thread.

    And now, The Rules:

    * You may EITHER post

    a) One picture, OF YOUR OWN (not something you found that you think looks neat), and absolutely NO TEXT other than the url to your site. That's NO text, which means no comics panels with dialogue, no captions, no nothing. (Exceptions will obviously be made for signatures and watermarks, but nothing else.)


    b) One paragraph (no fiction) that SELLS your blog. Like a blurb in a catalogue. See the above guidelines for examples of what's NOT going to work. Other things that won't work are the equivalent of what you'd put in the "Introduce Youselves" thread with a link tacked on the end. I don't care if YOU are an interesting person, I care about your CONTENT. (Exceptions will be made for relevant introductions: "I am a musician and my blog chronicles my tour recollections" or "I am a novelist and my blog is where I beta test my work" are both good; "I am a musician. I, uh, made a blog but it's nothing really to do with being a musician, I just thought that might be interesting" will NOT work.)

    This is an opportunity for you to consider what it is that your blog DOES, and condense it down to one picture or one paragraph that SELLS what your blog does. Some of you may already be prepared, and some of you will need to think about it. Either way, I win, because I'm going to get a nice little catalogue of nothing but content.

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    Neurovagrant started out as a simple, unintelligible depository for random bits of writing so that I could keep the writing separate from my psychology blog. It's since blossomed into my main blog and features not only bits of writing, but posts examining writing as well as art, photography, and anything to stimulate neuron sex. NVG features articles from scholarly psychological journals as well as posts/tweets from other writers (three recently that come to mind are Warren, Ariana, and Richard Kadrey) that are deserving of praise or comment. It's also a dumping site for things unrelated to writing, or to me; items from the several hundred feeds I follow meant to stoke brainmeats, from neurology to politics to vandalism. RSS feed here.
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    Dyepot, Teapot is focused around weekly updates and reflections on things I'm working on, a pretty wide-ranging bundle of photography, recipes, writing, music, and technology. This week's update featured ukulele experiments, but other posts have included trying out MagCloud, learning iPhone programming (with digressions on the weather), and food cart photography.
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    The Book of the Erinyes journal is my open ongoing documentation of the process of creating a handbound artist's book due to be finished later this year, with type set by letterpress, and images created in various media including photography, lino-prints, and woodcuts. The journal pulls together background research, questions about marketing and promotion of interstitial art, and documentation (written, photography, video) of the artistic processes involved. RSS Feed here.
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    Canister X is Phase 13 of my website since I've been in online starting sometime in 2002. I'm an independent novelist and publisher, loved by some, hated by some. Horror and superheroes are my game. I'm also big into movies of the same. My site is all about those things--writing, independent publishing, superhero and horror movies, reviews and some random crap because, like most of us (except Warren, of course), my life has extra crap that needs sorting out. This is my RSS.
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    I'm a writer who blogs at I write about sex and culture with a heavy leaning toward the gay male end of the spectrum. Like most writers, my blog is where I write about and process the the things that filter through my head and influence my writing. I also provide links to both my fiction and my non-fiction work, and use it to stay in contact with my fans. It's the all-around central hub of everything I do online, from blogging to selling my zine Blowjob.
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    I'm one member of a new (three months old) blog collective known as 25 Hour Watch. (This is my feed.) I write about comics, music, the future, some pictures if I like them (although I am by no means a 'photographer'), as well as occasional pieces of fiction. Ideally, this will all be collected together in some sort of binding...
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    Thinking Too Much is unlike any other blog on the internet. I take the media I absorb and analyze it in the context of my life. I'm a queer, a writer, an air traffic controller, a homeschooling parent of adopted kids -- the context of my life is completely unlike yours. Yet from this difference comes an analysis of popular culture to which everyone can relate. Try the following posts: My analysis of Britney Spear's "Circus." The Girls Who Lived, a look at women in classic horror films. Why I use Twitter. Or, how I came to have a favorite Doctor Who Companion.
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    I started Eithin around the same time I started teaching myself relief printmaking, and I use it as a kind of artist's lab notebook: to keep notes of what I tried and what worked, so other people can do the same. I post about techniques, results, tools, materials, sources, and failures, and other techniques besides printmaking. Sometimes I link to other things so I can enthuse or rant about them, but mostly it's me.

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    3 Million Years has just undergone a massive reboot as I felt that I had lost my way somewhat. What started out as a comic and 'geek' blog ended up being scraps, copy+pastes and stuff!
    No more! - Now it will be a more pure comic news, comments and webcomic site. Starting off with January of a short comic called 'Altered' based on the old Altered Beast Game followed by a comic called Justification. Currently its me, but a couple of others may get involved....Come and see as it is now in its second life!

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     (7523.16) is my blog for my own dj sets, mixtapes, original productions, compositions, concerts, gigs, and so on. Also contains thoughts on education, soccer, technology, Canadian politics, food, and some other sundries.

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    I'm a writer of both comics and film. tracks works in progress, archives materials that I find inspirational, offers up the occasional movie/web critique, and acts as a repository of notes and ideas on both projects and the craft of writing. Feed your RSS here.
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    My blog is not a dedicated braindump in the way that Warren’s is. Nor is it a focussed call to arms like Ariana’s. It is not a site that I often refer back to. That “magazine with a target audience of one“ is my tumblog. It is however, an aggregate of me. An archive of everything I’ve thought, learnt and tried to do online since August 2000 when I started writing an online diary about living and working in India. It is not a cohesive whole, except as a well-tagged historical record of my writing, coding, making music and filming. But it is definitely me. Currently I'm co-writing a book on building websites and trying to coerce POD\Wikis\Shirky\discussion here into a positive strategy for that book at the same time.

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    WPNZR is the Feed for two content-driven sites: Weaponizer and Black Lantern Music. Weaponizer publishes high-concept Creative Commons fiction, nonfiction and journalism of every genre and stripe. Black Lantern Music is a netlabel for DRM-free, high-quality music, also under CCLicenses - we like electronic, experimental and hip-hop music. You want free stuff? You come see us.