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    Everything is Make-believe is my fiction blog - a dusting off of a few years of scattered short stories and poetry, and a proving ground for new pieces. This will be where I (and anyone else, really) will look at what's working and what's not working, in anticipation of a short story collection and a great-beast-of-a-novel. This is my brave little attempt at taking myself seriously as a writer and then waving the flag of proud accomplishment at the world - since art, by it's very nature, comes with a certain amount of narcissism.
    I should credit Jack Daniels and Tom Waits as co-authors, really.
    Edited to add : RSS feed. My genius brother knows all.
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    The Brainmeat began as an unfocused homestead, but thanks to Ariana’s Stiletto of Inspiration, it now has a definite goal and mode of operation. Every day, I will write flash lit under 1000 words. The day afterward, I first-pass edit it in a postmortem. It’s my hope that this approach will keep me honest and offer everyone their daily dose of schadenfreude. Current topics include corrosive mansauce, pinworms, and a militant leather club. The mascot is, appropriately, a monkey diddling himself.
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    I write a weekly column for Hypergeek on comic nostalgia, a webcomic called The Invisible Skein and a blog called (Parenthetically Speaking) which focuses mostly on things that entertain me, with the occasional side jab at politics. The column and the comic are regular, the blog updates sporadically, although I intend to make it more frequent this year. I am sure all three have RSS feeds, but I have no idea how to determine what they are. Therefore links go to the sites themselves.
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    My eponymous blog has changed recently. What it was before isn't impotant. What it is now is a mixture of me pimping my writing and occasional rants about politics, media and the general catalogue of human stupidity. It's either going to turn into place where I can come to terms with the world or where you can watch me descend into insanity.

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    The Old Town Alchemy Co. - there are cocktails, and then there are cocktails. There are no sparklers or umbrellas or curly straws here. What there is, is a record of a personal journey into the past and the future - and that messy, sticky bit in the middle - of mixed drinks.
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    Team Mummy and Space Shark HQ: This is where I am going to post a sketch every day, often accompanied by a brief rant and/or announcement. Most will be uploaded from my lame phone, others will be totally glorious.
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    A Different Engine: an energetic journal about literature, linguistics, leisure, and lifestyle engineering (and by that last one I mean, how to harmoniously retrofit an analog nerd like me into the glorious digital age.)
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    DOLLHOUSE HOTHOUSE: where short, informal, semi-intelligible essays on culture and politics can be found. Dollhouse, because it's about the objects and people that litter my brain. Hothouse, because writing puts these objects and people in a reaction chamber where they fuse to form NEW IDEAS. Sometimes a drawer into which interesting tidbits from my studies (I'm doing a History BA) get filed. Sometimes where embarrassing neuroses are exposed for all to gaze at. Ignore at your peril.
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    Burning Fence Post

    I'm a CGI animator, I do a lot of different stuff for television and in my spare time I keep an animated journal.

    My "day job" work is very precise, very "designed", judged and considered, I started keeping the journal as a way of loosening up my animation. It's mostly gut instinct, and not always completely successful, but it's there.
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    Remember book reports? The bane of every student - a forced death march through mandated literature, and the only thing between you and sweet, sweet freedom was a thousand words that would convince your teacher that you actually read "Wuthering Heights." You swore to yourself after you left school that you would never, ever write another book report ever again.

    What kind of twisted bibliophiliac nerd person would willingly take up that task again as an adult? Come over to The Labyrinth Library and find out. The companion blog to the number one most popular book review podcast out of Osaka, Japan [1], you can read and listen to a new review every week, lovingly recorded for your listening pleasure. Topics range from fantasy to philosophy, so you always have a good chance of discovering something new.

    The Feed

    [1] As far as I know.