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    It's what happens when you take a long exposure image of the stars. The circular pattern is caused by the rotation of the planet about its axis, which is currently lined up with the pole star (the single point in the centre of the circular star tracks)
    That spiral light was rocket ejecta of some sort and I did see it before I drew the image, but they're totally non-related.

    EDIT: wow, three other people answered this before I'd finished writing XD Oh well. Now you REALLY know.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Luke said in an early episode (was is #4?) that time behaved differently now after the crash, with a three second delay between London and the Suffolk coast.
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    "It's what happens when you take a long exposure image of the stars. The circular pattern is caused by the rotation of the planet about its axis, which is currently lined up with the pole star (the single point in the centre of the circular star tracks)"

    Hmm. Interesting. Either I've gone my whole life without seeing a long exposure image of the stars, or I forgot that I've seen one before.

    Does this mean that they punched a hole through the fabric of time and space? Or have I seen/read way too much sci-fi?
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    Carl Sagan would have jizzed in his pants if he were alive to see that.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    When I first started reading this I assumed the FreakAngels had just (heh, "just") mucked up the environment or some such. But, clearly, it's something much, much bigger.

    God, I love being surprised.
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    Some quick thoughts...

    They CAN exhaust their powers. Which means they can be made defenseless. Now the question is did Mark really "die" like Karl thought or are they immortal? Did he "download" his consciousness into someone else?

    Doesn't look like they knew what they were doing ending the world, not even Mark.
    • CommentAuthordyrdevil
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Fairly certain they've hit the Earth so hard that it started spinning around on its axis very fast -
    at night they get the star-time exposure effect from the naked eye, then it changes to day and then evening very quickly as the earth spins around. Their sudden increase in speed could explain the slower time they are experiencing as well.
    anyone agree?
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    I like dr_barnowl's theory that they traveled through time to the aftermath of an apocalypse they had nothing to do with, but from the the guilt they all seem to be going through, that's probably not the case. From how everything in the city looks I always thought it was a continent-wide (possibly global? but we haven't seen the rest of the world yet) tremor of absurdly massive proportions. I never figured any sort of a time shift into the apocalypse, but it always makes things more interesting.
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    Wonderful as always and panel 3 is just amazing.

    If they've boosted the spin of the earth so much as to reveal the motions of the stars round the Pole, we'd see some pretty immediate effects - at that speed, the Earth's gravitational force would not be enough to keep the angels on the surface and they'd be flying off into space! So, I'm plumping for the 'Fucked with Space-time' proposal.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Wow. I had had a lot of ideas about what they could have done, but I didn't see _that_ coming. Nice job.

    So . . . the Earth speeds up? No, time speeds up. But they stay the same. What about the rest of humanity? And the sun in the sky followed by the (beautiful) panel showing a sunset moments later on p.6 -- does that mean time is winding back down and approaching normal again? Presumably, if the stars were time on high-speed, they wouldn't have noticed day/night until time slowed down a bit.

    Do we jump back out of this flashback next week?
    • CommentAuthorAnscealai
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    If time speeds up, or if they jumped through time it was'nt by alot was it! sure at the start of episode 73 it says "six years ago" remember??? I'm guessin it's not time directly but the way the earth rotates on it's axis that is messed up and now maybe the sun is now fractionally further / closer to the earth which caused the flooding...........and whatever else may have happened!!!

    good a theory as any i Reckon!

    Page 3 is absaloutly Gorgous by the way!!!
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    @CorkOnTheFork Carl Sagan is awesome. He makes chemistry class so much more fun.
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    I don't think increasing the spin rate would change the earth's orbit itself but it would affect the tides ...
    • CommentAuthorchris g
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    New ep is fabulous!

    PS: I am so tired of shaving every morning this week.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    I really enjoy the idea that whatever was done happened with ripple effects - this was not sudden or small, while the energy that caused the big push or pull or break did gather and emit very suddenly, its effects were so large that the whole world is caught at the bottom of a wave, just stuck there until the rest of the wave gains enough energy to fall right on top of it.

    For the holidays, I painted my living room. I will have to repaint one wall, but my deja vu told me to use the leftover paint for another room, so that is good. All family arrived everywhere safely, even if a bit later or sooner than anticipated. The weather is mean and spiteful. Thanks for asking, Ariana - I hope your holidays were good ones.

    This episode made my eyes go all wide and shiny and I enjoyed it very much.

    Thanks Paul and Warren and Ariana and everyone!
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    So they threw reality off its axis. Ooo...
    I like that we're finding out the "how" - we've had 72 episodes learning what happened, the world around them is evidence of what happened - but now we get how it all went to shit.
    Nicely done. I'm a happy little monkey.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    They didn't affect time at all. Because they are so incredibly spent, they are moving/thinking in ultra slow motion, hence seeing everything else sped up. To anyone else, it would look like they're almost standing still. Mikki says that the words are coming out of her mouth slowly. She doesn't know the weight of that understatement.
    • CommentAuthorBerserker
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    @Prof Structure - I'm not so sure that even a radical increase in the Earth's rotation would have much of an appreciable effect on gravity. At it's current rate of spin, it has about one half of one percent of effect on it. Although it may explain the weird 'floaty falling down effect on the first page of this episode ( that apparently only I'm seeing, so there's that too ).

    [ To say nothing of people near the poles, for whom rotational spin's effects are even more negligible... ]

    On the other hand, the change in the Coriolis effect created by a sudden, drastic change in rotational speed would absolutely create tidal waves, insane weather, especially winds, and any number of other effects ( seismic activity, etc... ) that would be easily catastrophic. I would also imagine that those effects would be immediate, which we haven't seen. Yet.
    Of course, for all we know, only a few moments have passed since they sped up the world, and I'm speculating entirely here, but I'd imagine that the denser air closer to the ground would move with the Earth ( at least initially), while the upper atmosphere was more immediately 'left behind'. So the real show weather could be building up even as they stand gaping. That, and a lot of water.

    And I would speculate that not too much time has passed, since the flaming wreckage of the choppers is still smoking nearby.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Ooh. They broke time.

    I've been busy as hell this week. Just started a new job as a supervillian. Also known as collections agent for a bank. Chances are, if you're behind on your credit card payments, you'll be hearing from me. I'll try not to be too much of a bitch about it.

    And as such, I'm way behind on my art duties, which I suppose is what I have weekends for now. As for now, I have dinner and a Dead Guy Rogue ale to reward myself for not stabbing anyone in my first week. Next week could land me in prison.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    @Berserker - nicely done. Spin, tides, atmosphere. All sounds right. And, it's a very physical effect distrupting the planet's rotation, consistent with most of the other uses we've seen of their powers. Disrupting space/time seems more metaphysical than physical. You have me convinced.