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    In roughly four hours, I will be hosting our weekly Skype conference. I think I'll be able to do so without crying this time. Also, people tell me I sound better with a British accent, which kind of puzzled me, but hey -- whatever helps. So I'll be using a British accent, and switch to a torturous Scottish when you misbehave.

    If you've read the rules/suggestions/friendly advices/threats already, do take another look at the last one, which is an addition.

    I'll let you know when we're on, and here's what you do when it starts:

    If you don't have a microphone, feel free to join the conference and participate via text chat. And I'll keep this thread updated with information regarding the current subjects, people in conference and how many dick jokes Magnulus is cracking per second.

    How to join:


    2 - Click here. Say you want to join. Promising your children to me in exchange is not necessary, although I might require whores. Give me your Skype nickname.

    3 - Wait a few seconds.

    I think some rules suggestions are in order.

    1 - Do not call me on Skype during step 3. If I take the call I'll put the entire conference on hold. Wait for me to call you. Really, I'll get to it. I know it's been five long seconds since I added you, but really, I will get to it.

    2 - Do not talk at the same time as someone else, since "someone else" can be as much as nine other people who are not following this suggestion either.

    3 - Pay attention to how long it's been since you started talking, and consider the idea of shutting up so someone else can argue your point.

    4 - Remember to keep your microphone out of the way of your breath, Darth Vader.

    5 - Play loud music on your microphone only when it's really funny, awesome or worth the many insults you'll get.

    6 - Number 2 is REALLY hard to follow depending on how many people are on chat. In case there is already an ongoing subject between two or three people, you might want to use the text chat to preserve the fluidity of the conversation or to talk to someone else about another subject.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Is going to try soooo hard not to miss this week. might even take the laptop out with her to aid this effort.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    I think you should add on to #5 with "and if you are Robin".
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
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    • CommentAuthorWinther
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Tonight: I RETURN! Quake in fear, puny etc etc.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Cool beans, guys. We'll be giving you a lovely, LOVELY soundtrack live from Estonia, yeah?
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    I'll be there.

    Probably playing Mirror's Edge in the background.

    But I'll be there.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Got called into work today, on top of the going-to-our-friends'-house that the boyfriend and I do every Friday. Feh.

    I'll be on. It'll just be late.
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    @tacopunch that's like the sister site to my

    I try to collect ridiculous websites.
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    Aaaaaand we're on.

    Me, Becky, Eighty-Six and Azabith.


    * Every country has their Wales.

    * Sheep sex (obviously related to previous subject)

    * Night Rider.

    * Soccer in Brazil and how I hate it.
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    Have acquired headset. Will attempt login here in a few. Hopefully. Maybe. I have homemade truffles.
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    The ever-awesome Rootfireember joined us.

    * Beethoven.

    * The way I pronounced Beethoven. Which was wrong, unsurprisingly.

    * Typing sounds on our microphones.

    * RAGE
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    Rootfireember: "Mars is on fire and the Sun is a lie."

    Also, JSeakle joined us. JOINED UUUUUS.
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    Andre is really a 40year old that picks up kids with candy.
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    Azabith, Becky, Corbenfrost, Mister86, jseakle, oldhat, Rootfireember, Anopheles

    * Corben is telling us about the sixty-year-old gym teacher woman who beats the shit out of him. Recently she started grabbing his ass and going, "Not tight enough! We make tight!"

    * "Emoticon workouts".

    "<("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<)(>")><("<) KIRBY DANCE!"

    ... yeah.
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    Friday Night Jazzzz skype

    ...and now we've all gone insane.
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    They weren't behaving. I had to use The Scottish. They are behaving now.

    Except Becky fought back by speaking Gaelic.

    Azabith, Anopheles, Becky, Eighty-Six, Rootfireember, Yskaya, Jseakle, Seantaclaus, Ginja, Icelandbob.

    * Roo wrote a manifesto on text chat.

    * We all failed to understand it.

    * Latin is awesome.
    • CommentAuthorshaio
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010
    Ghhh you evil people, i was anticipating this, but i'm too drunk to speak engrish <.<
    well... i may join for a quick chat
    • CommentTimeJan 8th 2010 edited
    Too far into the Future here in Japan ... Love all of you. it's almost 7 in the morning Saturday and I'm typing this in the dark. Have fun, and keep me abreast of any plans to get Roo out of the mitten's middle finger ...

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 5 days, and doesn't want to be resurrected.