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    Brandon Graham is the creator of KING CITY, previously from Tokyopop and currently from Image. One of the earliest pro jobs he did was actually for me, a page in one of the TRANSMETROPOLITAN specials.

    A brilliant comics artist, insane writer and part of a new scene of internationally-influenced North American creators, Brandon's got a lot to say about comics, and produces new work with great energy. This year's going to be a big year for him, I'm pretty sure.

    And I wanted to kick off this year by offering him five days at Whitechapel to talk about his work, answer questions, show you stuff you haven't seen before and basically do whatever the fuck he likes. And, very kindly, he's agreed.

    So please say hello to Brandon.

    -- W
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Hello Brandon-
    I make educational 'history' comics for a living, and I am often asked to draw horribly unexciting things to make my bread.
    I tend to pose this question to most comic artists when given the chance:

    What do you HATE drawing most of all?
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    hey brandon! im usually pretty up on comics folk, and somehow you slapped me with surprise on KING CITY. i love all the detail thrown in, and the random ass sense of humor is tops. i even sent you a picture of my cat sitting on KC #1. what kinda projects do you have coming up this year? and how can i turn my cat into a hoverboard too???
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Hey Brandon,

    Really in to your work/humor/epic lj posts. I get excited when my RSS feed has a little (1) next to your feed.

    I was curious about King City – Once the 12 (?) issues are done, do you intend to do anything more in that world? Or will this be all you have to say about King City/Catmaster?

    Also, I'd be very interested to see your comic/manga collection, in whatever form it takes (shelves/boxes/piles/etc).
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    SWEET. Hey dude! Nice to see you around. Say hi to your lady for me!

    (Also, it's not a question, but I think you should mention that the new KING CITY issues from Image *aren't* going to get collected in the U.S. Because that's important for the trade-waiters out there to know!)

    (Also, also — my buddy and I had occasion to sing a few lines of "Marmoset there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this, my Marmoset!" in a local coffeehouse a couple of days ago.)
    • CommentAuthorbtx
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010 edited
    Wonderful artwork, and the cat reminds me of this cat that used to sit in my Manhattan LES apt's window in the late 90's. Fine memory. And then there's the use of paraprosdokian type wordplay, that I love so much. Glad i missed the first printing Manga-style, so I can read these books for the first time now ;)

    And that girl can draw - loved that #3 cover! #4's was amazing too, with the water breather's bottle + the phone cord invoking the image of a hookah. Hmm.

    I look forward to the next issue.


    PS: Random connection - when I was in the afore-mentioned apt, I was across the street from one of the Transmet team, Rodney Ramos (10th street).
    • CommentAuthorAdam K
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010 edited
    Oooh, awesome. I <em>just</em> started following your blog the other day. This rules.

    Do you know how the new version of King City is going to be collected (assuming there's even plans for that in the first place)? I've been wanting to get the singles but have only found them out of state, and with a book that size, I'd want to be able to keep it intact, so I haven't picked them up since I have the old book. I'll hunt them down if I gotta so I can see them in the expanded dimensions, but I giant trade would be way cooler.

    EDIT: So next time I'm gonna read the thread, since apparently there's not gonna be a collection. That is so not cool.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    I love, love, love your LJ. Like the above poster, I check my live bookmark obsessively to see if you posted. I find it hugely inspirational as an artist. keep on rocking. hope to buy you a beer some day when i get over to the west coast.
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010

    I'm thrilled to be on here this week.

    I'll try to throw up a lot of my new stuff and work by friends of mine who are doing exciting work.

    Rooth-- i can imagine some highs and lows in historical comics.
    I dont really dislike drawing anything specific. I do have a theory that if a drawing isnt working animals and vehicles always make it better.
    i dislike drawing without freedom to do whatever I feel like at the moment. I even get frustrated when i realize that i shouldnt put swearing on comic covers.
    I am a spoled mewing infant like that.

    As far as King city-- the rights are a co-tied up mess. so I'm not sure if and when I'll be back to it after the 12 issues.
    I do have some future stuff based in the same world---like what's happening in china at the same time.

    because of the rights hullabaloo while Image is publishing the issues Tokyopop gets to decide what to do with the collection.
    I assume they will do something with it in the future. there's a french box set coming out too--fancy.

    But I really want to stress how much I like the format of 32 page comics.
    I like having something I'm excited about to go to the store for and it makes it less fun for me when you
    just get an artist you like once a year in a fat book as opposed to 6 or 12 times a year.
    But i do think the 32--or 24 pagers need to be dense and worth it.
    Like comics that hold up if you could only find one issue in the middle.

    Here's a page I did this morning. itll run as a filler page in the 9th king city.
    more excuses to rant!
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    Hey Brandon, I love your writin' and drawin' more than is natural and safe. You're a constant inspiration to me, and I keep bending people's ears about your stuff recently, so please keep doing what you're doing.

    I guess I should have a question to go with that unseemly blurt of a question, so I'll make it about music. What have you been working to recently, what have you been not working to? And after your post of the Ro-Ro-Ro-Russian Roulette single cover last week, me and my girl got sucked into somekind of youtube-anime credits vortex where we watched the opening to Creamy Mami about five times in a row. Do you ever listen to much Japanese music? I mean associated with anime-or other j-pop stuff or anything at all?
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Hey Brandon, nice to see you here in the WC, taking a break time from the KC and the MW.
    Thanks for answering my mail in King City issue 2. I now know the beauty of Manara thanks to that, and many other great artists thanks to your LJ posts. You've really broaden my reaches into comix the last 2 years and I think I've become a better artist and writer because of it. Everytime I draw a page of comix I think to myself, "What would Brandon Graham do?" and then I pick up a book I bought because of your journal or I look through one of your books I own, whether it be KC, or October Yen. Looking forward to reading the new issues of King City and waiting ever so patiently for new Multiple Warheads.

    I do have a question for you. This time not about porn.

    Where do the ideas for the weird ideas come from? For instance that three headed wolf you're drawing ontop of with Marian sleeping over one's eye and the Swiss army knife for the leg? You do things like that alot and they really invoke something in me, like the quirky stuff you see in Toriyama's stuff or just those little doodles you'll post every once in a while from some japanese or French artist.

    Thanks for the great comix Brandon.
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    JOE.DISTORT-- Thanks for that cat picture. It was cool to see.
    Mostly this year is King city issues and then around november I'll start putting out my color
    Russian werewolf book Multiple warheads.

    I remember some joke about making cats fly, I feel like it was Douglas Adams but I might be wrong.
    The idea was since cats land on their feet and toast lands butter side down that you attach toast to the
    back of a cat and throw it. I think it sounds like a sound scientific theory with no downsides.

    Sleemo-- I was thinking it'd be fun to take some photos of my larder to put on here.
    I will try to get on that soon.

    Brandon--hola--- was it a marmoset lounge act?

    BTX--heh yes my fondest goal is to have people see King city as it comes out now.

    I should rant a little on here about Transmet.It was a huge kick when I got to do that.
    I got to meet Ramos briefly back then, he seemed like a cool guy. I remember seeing that Robertson would just ink the eyes
    before handing off his pages.

    Magicsword (that is a rad name) I mostly listen to rap with all the puns and bravado.
    My upstairs neighbor and pal Robin runs a comic book radio show called Inkstuds, he let me put together a mix tape
    of stuff I listen to that you can listen to here--

    I do like some Japanese stuff, I was pretty into Shonen Knife as a teenager and I definatly have a fondness for
    the anime stuff of my teen years.
    Like this Bubblegun crisis cyberpunkery rawk.
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    Ah, Inkstuds. I thought I remembered that name. Periodically on twitter, I have to explain that I'm not the other Warren Ellis, and got this reply from Inkstuds:

    We know, he has talent, and you just have a stack of red bull and a gun.
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Ferburton--thanks, that's great to hear. I do get a kick out of pushing my comic book agenda.

    I like to say that my job isn't drawing comics, it's staying excited about drawing comics.
    I think a lot of whatever weird stuff I put in my comics is about trying to recreate the excitement of the books that got me into comics initially.
    when I found early dragon ball it was untranlated and bought out of a grocery store. It seemed like the craziest thing on earth.
    maybe that, and a mix of art therapy and drawing what I feel like. I also play a lot of games with myself to keep it fun.
    Like trying to imagine what I would draw if it was for --like, a girls magazine in india. or when I was drawing porn I had an idea that I
    was trying to make something that woud be perfect for a bathroom at an auto garage.
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    that fucking savage.
    A fair amount of my conversations with Inkstuds are arguments
    over who has talent and who doesn't. It might come to guns and redbull someday.
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Anyway---one thing I wanted to push on here is how important to me having a solid gang of dudes has become.
    It's hard to create in a vacuum and It really helps me to be around people who'se work keeps me on my toes.

    I'll be throwing up a lot of their stuff in the next couole of days--
    so this is one of my KC covers, My lady Marian Churchland's book Beast (first femaile artist to draw, color and ink a Conan comic)
    My daywalker (all of my stengths and none of my weakness) James stokoe's Orc Stain book, his lady Marley Zarcone's cover for
    Forgetless. --a killaudio cover by by my Austrailian Sheldon Vella. and C.S. lewis's Sharknife that he is being bullied into getting out soon.

    It's a bigger gang than that, but we'll start there.

    Justin "moritat" norman is like the comic book godfather of my group of dudes.
    He was one of the first real comic artist I'd become friends with. I learned a lot assisting on backgrounds on his
    porn comic jobs.
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Hey there, Brandon. Glad to have you about. Much love for King City--me and mine feel the love.

    What manga (or books, for that matter) are you reading these days? I see you drop images of everything from GREY (glad to see someone remembers!) to AKIRA and all the way down the line, and it makes me curious.
    • CommentAuthorBen Costa
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Hey Brandon,

    We met briefly at APE when you bought one of my comics. I hope you didn't think it sucked too much.

    What I want to know is, where does one get a gang of comics dudes? Does this happen naturally over years of doing comics and meeting people at conventions? Do you think it's necessary to live near your gang of dudes? Obviously, I don't really have a gang of dudes.
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    Your pages just get sicker and sicker. Can I be a part of your new scene of internationally-influenced North American creators?
    • CommentAuthorAdam K
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010 edited
    Oddly enough, I pretty much just finished Perverts... because I wanted to know what these "porn comics" you used to draw were. The thing I wanna know is, does anyone actually get off to these? Maybe this isn't even the high point of "porn comics," but I'm definitely not in the mood to jerk off after reading it.