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    Evenin' Brandon,
    I manage an adult bookstore and the first time i came across your work was alphabetizing the porn comics. We've got 'Pillow Fight' and 'Perverts of the Unknown' in stock at the moment...always good to have something good to read in those slow mornings when nobody feels like buying any girl-on-girl-on-voltron DVDs.

    King City is also one of the most enjoyable things i've read lately. I was thrilled when Image released it and stopped pestering the local manga store clerks about it.

    One of the things i really like about King City is how you use the space. The city appears so futuristic without being a cluttered mess or a sterile space.

    Which member of the Wu-Tang Clan would you say had the tightest flow?
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    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010 edited
    Hey Brandon,

    First off I'd like to say thanks for your contribution to comics and also for the help and inspiration you've given me over the past year or so.

    I'm just interested to know what an average day is like for you. How many hours a day do you draw? I imagine you drawing 24/7 but you must have down time too.

    I love your gang of comic dudes. In my opinion you guys are doing the most exciting stuff in comics right now. Reyyy's Sharknife and James Stokoe's Wonton soup are awesome comics. Did you guys have to do any sort of initiation to be a part of the gang? Like eating 30 chillies in under a minute or sumink?
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Right now I've got a massive stack of half read and unread stuff.
    for manga--Shirow's Ghost in the shell 1.5 human error processor--before it got all crappy and computer done, Igarashi's children of the sea, Urasawa's Monster. are all really good.
    I just finished Robert Heinlein's Friday. and I'm in the middle of Ellis's Fell issues. all nice stuff.

    Ben-- I really liked your book--i read it on the plane ,it reminded me of all the best stuff about stan sakai.

    It took me a long time to get to know many other comic artist. One of the reasons i was into graffitti in my early 20's is that there was no Seattle comic book scene that I could find.
    It seems like the internet has changed up how much people can get in contact--i think thats great for this art form. shiit look at this nice messge board here.

    Nate-- I think you are already in, you do some amazing work.

    Adam--nice. I remember thinking when drawing perverts how little interest I had in anyone masterbating to my work. Really it was the only job drawing comics I could get at the time.
    and the editor wanted some form of sex on 8 out of every 10 pages. so a lot of it just became sick jokes. --im still proud of the guy ejaculating out a live fish.
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    I pretty much just stopped by to say your awesome and all that jazz haha

    Looking forward to finally reading new King City and Multiple Warheads, more so Multiple Warheads right now because its in color. Love your colors! So tasty!
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    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Jordan--cool thanks. I like "girl-on-girl-on-voltron" My personal favorite member of the Wu is Method man.

    Herman-- I have a huge amount of down time. letseee
    Me and my lady usually try to stay on slightly seperate schedules since we both draw so a lot of days I wont really get into
    working until she's asleep and then stay up until the sun is up. I like my top speed to be like 4 pages a week it's less a lot of times.
    I've been trying to enjoy being on the page rather than worrying about getting it done.

    A lot of days I'll head over to Stokoe and Marleys place since they live down the street and all of us will draw listening to talk radio.

    One thing I noticed is that all of my pals I listed so far on here have lived together at some point with the exception of Moritat.
    But I've defiantly slept on his couch for many many moons.
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    Hello Brandon, Tom of Marooned here. You know I love your stuff. I just wanted to agree with you to the moon how important it is to have a group of artist buddies you can lean on. Even in my little webcomic world, it has made all the difference for me, to have some talented folks around to help me through some rough times, to teach me stuff and to keep me moving forward.

    One thing that has been great was finding your stuff. King City and your Blog has opened up a whole new world of style to me. I look forward to your blog posts because it shows me stuff I wouldn't normally see, and it's good to get some different influences as an artist. It has helped me draw better and think about things differently.

    Your comments about the 24/32 page books make sense. It is fun to look forward to a book. You gotta be full time to pull of books like that in a timely manner I think - it's so much work. (Or you have to have no life to do it on the side!)

    Anyway just wanted to say thanks for the great work, it inspires me. And man Marian is just insanely awesome too. I imagine your children will be wonderful artists! :D

    Rock on.
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    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Brandon -

    Your work is almost psychedelically inspiring - I've been working on turning a corner with my own work, and experimenting with my style and trying to find something new in my work, so it's always a treat to look at your stuff and see something so unique and solid as it is.

    And they're all correct. Your LJ is fairly epic.
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Man, thanks you guys are verry kind.

    I got a bunch of unpublished stuff from my pal James Stokoe today.
    James is a comic book monster:

    I found some of James stuff on deviant art when he was a teenager (i think hes 24 now) and became friends with him and his talented lady Marley.
    Convinced them to move out where I was and now they are stuck with me.

    One thing that really impresses me about James is how much he draws comics just for himself.
    It's kind of insane--he does comics that there is no way will ever be published and he does it all the time in between his own books.
    Here's some pages he did awhile back of Godzilla comic.

    more of those pages up here:

    Here's a Rouge trooper comic he did--
    • CommentAuthorBrandon
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Another crazy thing he did with no intention of ever being seen or published by anyone is
    this silver surfer comic that he started 11 pages of.

    That last page of Galactus is a massive amount of pages taped together--when drawing it
    he was threating to do a life sized galactus pin up.

    another thing that came from this crazy part of James brain is his take off on a drawing our pal
    and fellow serious comic dude Steve Rolston did of a dolphin.

    and this was james version;

    the dolphin also has a twitter--
    he is a dick.
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    Brandon, I don't have any questions, just wanted to say that I love King City and it inspires me to let more of my brain leak out on the page and to trust my intuition more. Also, your blog does more to open my eyes and mind to new shit these days than anything else. Thanks for all of it.
    • CommentAuthorDouglas
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Brandon, you rock. I love King City. I bought it from TokyoPop and read the shit out of it, and am now buying it from Image in that nice, big oversized format. It is amazing. I check your blog almost every day. So much good stuff on there. I was all set to order Multiple Warheads, and now I hear it is getting re-released with color! Kick ass!

    That is some awesome Stokoe art. I could always tell he was influenced by Rogue Trooper in some way, with maybe a bit of wh40k influce too, but seeing him draw Trooper is awesome. And his Silver Surfer stuff is mind-blowing. Too bad he ditched his LJ. Hopefully my store has Orc Stain for me this week.
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    King City is pretty sweet. Also thanks for your LJ, it really inspired me to be consistent with my own blog.

    I have 2 questions.

    If you had to write a personal ad in order to meet "the perfect comic" what would that look like?
    Who wins: Terminator Jack Kirby or Ashley Wood piloting a Metal Gear?

    Also: I'm going to steal your brains. I may possibly eat them, but only to gain your power.
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    Holy moly, the level of detail on James' stuff is otherwordly! Great stuff.
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    Have I seen that selfish dolphin comic somewhere before? I want to say Popgun, but I'm really not sure...

    Anyway. King City is awesome, and I'm looking forward to checking out Multiple Warheads now that I know about it. I'm also a fan of those behemoth blog posts, they're way more substantial than the occasional post from a lot of other artists I follow. Your work ethic seems to match your general badassness, keep it up.

    I have a few questions: I (like many here, I'm sure) am an aspiring illustrator, looking to get my artwork out to the public and eventually work on comics outside of superhero/stereotypical genres. Having worked in primarily alternative comic genres and forms (read: drawing stuff you actually get excited about), how did you make a name for yourself? Was it just sheer hard work? Having that gang of dudes you were talking about? Maybe porn comics get more exposure than I thought?

    On one hand, I know the industry is different than it has been the past few decades: Superhero comics are no longer the top-sellers every week, but will sometimes be stuff like Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Is the comic biz more receptive toward the kind of comics you draw? Do you see any trends that piss you off and wish would change?
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    holy shit that SILVER SURFER stuff is amazing...
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Hey Brandon,

    Kudos on the LJ, from your recommendations I picked up Le Guerre Eternelle and it is awesome. I just have to brush up on my French now...

    I was wondering what size/format had you originally drawn KC for?

    Plus I had to ask:
    What was your inspiration for the girl with the ass? Possibly one of the most inspired ongoing jokes in a comic ever.
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    Just wanted to say that:

    A) I'm all about the biggie-sized King City singles, they're great. Those and Phonogram are the only comics-with-staples-in I buy anymore.

    B) "But that girl used to put glue in her hair and jump on the bed and taste like grape candy. How do you get over that?" is one of my favorite lines from just about any comic.

    Thanks for good comics, man.
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    I just have to say that I have been a fan for awhile after finding you on deviant art. You do amazing work and your lj helps me to find out about other artists I need to check out.
    • CommentAuthorsnigwel
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    You've just inspired me to turn a drumset I'm drawing here at work into a polar bear head/drumset exhaling darn near unadulterated rock and roll (unfortunately there's this punk-ass oboe player backstage preventing /pure/ undefiled rock).

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    That Rogue Trooper and Silver Surfer stuff is insane! And the Galactus! DAMN!!!

    I really need to work with Stokoe one day.