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    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010
    Enough people recommended Grant Morrison's The Invisibles to me that I decided to check them out through InterLibraryLoan (ILLiad from here on out). WorldCat is the place to go to find every bit of info about books that are not at my local library. And, because we live in the future and sometimes it is awesome, when you get to the item you're looking for, you can click the link that says "Borrow from another library" and it will fill out the ILLiad form for you. It is brilliant.

    And only part of the point.

    I had to search for The Invisibles in order to get the right ones, and so typed 'invisibles' into the first search field and 'morrison' into the second one. I did not change the type of information each was, so WorldCat searched for those words as keywords. The first, third, and every following title were, indeed, the graphic novels I was looking to borrow.

    The second was something equally beautiful, though almost entirely unrelated. Seeing the invisible in late antiquity and the early Middle Ages : papers from 'Verbal and pictorial imaging: representing and accessing experience of the invisible, 400-1000' : (Utrecht, 11-13 December 2003)

    An entire book of papers discussing the image of the invisible.

    I requested it after I lost the title and then recreated my steps to find it again. It arrived today.

    From the Introduction: "To set the paradox, 'seeing the invisible', as the theme for exploring motives for artistic creativity was to enter into the most enduring anxieties and hopes of human existence."

    It is the chocolate flan of books, and I feel that it ought to be accompanied by tea or red wine. Rapture.