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      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeJan 11th 2010 edited
    He he, so did it all start with & a hot Eco-babe, and end with a crunch?

    Aug. 20, 2009

    Nov. 13, 2009

    Dec. 09, 2009

    Dec. 13, 2009

    Jan. 06, 2010 youtube "whoa...!"
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    I'm not seeing something, care to explain what I'm missing here?
      CommentAuthorSalgood Sam
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010 edited
    throwing around speculative story threads if you will.

    Andy's on a report extolling the roll of sugar daddy, about a month and a bit later he buys the ultimate in penile extensions - a sexy fast boat that holds the worlds record for going around the earth - and donates it to the sea shepherds. I'm playfully and widely speculating about the girl he was impressing with that.

    And i wonder with the glitches, if the eco-warriors had a hard time managing such a hot rod, before they thought to steer a carbon fiber fast boat in front of a steal body wailer vessel.

    It's a funny 5 months story.
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    AAAH right. Thanks. I didn't actually get the link between Andy Gil and Adygil. I'm a dumbass.
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    I have no idea what any of you are talking about.
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    Warren has the best conversational interjections haha
    • CommentTimeJan 12th 2010
    Could be that renaming Ady as Andy is causing the confusion.