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    • CommentAuthorDouglas
    • CommentTimeMar 15th 2008
    When I emailed Avatar last week, they said the whole thing got pushed back a month. 6 should be coming a month or so after 5. So.. maybe next week?
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    So.. maybe next week?

    No, sorry.

    The only thing I saw shipping (Ellis related) next week was the Doktor Sleepless Zippo.
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2008
    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    Fortunately it does not take a majority to have a revolution only a motivated minority. Look at Russia under Putin ,most people could care less about freedom so long as they have a comfortable life. In the UK people have totally given up their right to defend them self or have any privacy for the illusion of safety. CCTV won't help you if you have a stalker but it sure is useful in combating civil disobedience. At what point does a "ring of steel" become a slave collar? That same tactic of preying on peoples fears is happening in the US as well. Boeing is getting million dollar contracts for surveillance blimps for fortress America. Maybe I am just paranoid but surveillance blimps creep me out. Stick a J-Damm on one and you have one hell of a cheap effective weapon system.
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    We don't want guns in the UK. We don't even want the police to carry guns.

    Get over it. This is what the majority of people here want, that is called democracy and freedom. The freedom for the people of a country to decide what is acceptable in their own country.

    The only thing everyone having a gun would do is make every burglar or mugger carry a gun. I'd prefer they carry on thinking they don't need one personally. I call this the freedom not to be shot in my face for my iPod.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    @ alwayscrashing

    Unsub don't mention guns!!?
    • CommentTimeMar 16th 2008
    @VIRO - alwayscrashing was taking exception to Unsub's statement that "UK people have totally given up their right to defend them self", and I agree; after all, it does seem to imply in its tone that because we don't allow people to publicly carry guns we're somehow irresponsible as a nation, which many of us would dispute.
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    Yes, he did. We know Unsub very well, he is, how to say, an arsenal with feet and off road vehicles.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    K! sorry didn t know live u guys alone, now!
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    Viro, I honestly have no idea what you are trying to say.
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    I'm having a time out until I can learn some manners.
    sorry wrote that all wrong!
    I ll leave u guys alone now!
    • CommentAuthorkindesign
    • CommentTimeMar 17th 2008
    Black Summer-- super.

    Issue 5 sublime. I read it three times in a row, mostly because I didn't get the fight scene either, plus there was a lot of dialog that was very important to the story.

    The way this tale has unfolded is masterful. bravo, Mr, Ellis.

    I love what it says about a reality that has actual super-powered beings. A quote(like) thing that I thought was brilliant was when the reporter was describing the destruction and said, "4 people did this." It sort of drives home the point that not all people are equal--either with status and access or pure physical power. Tom Noir is our hero because he did the only thing someone with that much power can really do to maintain their grip on humanity--drop out--and the only reason he did it is because unlike the other guns he had his humanity thrown in his face. I think Frank Blacksmith might understand this too.

    Anyway, great book.

    One thing to comment on, and it's more of a Mr. Ryp issue, and minor to boot, but I've noticed a couple of times now, prominent in the conversation with the General, that we've got Americans smoking European branded cigarettes. I do not believe that West cigs are available in the States. Also the camoflage is totally European. I hate being one of those anal retentive types, but I figure a little critique might help Mr. Ryp tighten up his craft. I suppose it could be an alternate future where Europe runs the show...