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    Finally finished the new free e.p available to download here. It's a sort of conversation with the men's mythopoetic movement , but I remain unsure how articulate it is.

    It seemed to take forever.

    There's a thankyou message ( or a "shoutout" , as I believe it's known ) in the e.p notes for all those kind Whitechapel folk who sent in audio samples ( all of which can be heard in there somewhere) but I'll say it again now. Thank you xx

    Enjoy !
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    I like to think of this as a kind of redemption for 'communial goals' man - he's been trapped there, in all his anguish and alpha-male frustration, on that little olympus tape, for over twenty years, occasionally brought out for me to snigger at, and now he's a piece of art.

    Very nice - stand out track for me is Warrior Login, like that very much.
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    Guaranteed airplay tonight.

    (P.S. "Fu'lmn!")
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    Thanks Brent !

    @JonCarpenter I almost feel the guy is an old friend now. He exists , in some form , on
    all four tracks. I hope your enjoyment of Warrior Login won't be spoilt
    when the source of the drum sounds is revealed.....
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    Downloaded but not listened yet. I'm looking forward to it, if that means anything.

    LATER: Yes. The quality on these releases keeps getting better, both the audio side and visual side. Just put out a shout to my Twitter folk to check it out. Of course, most people that follow me come from Whitechapel anyway, but there are a few that don't, and I think they'd like this.
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    This is so good.
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    Thanks for kind words everyone. Haven't been able to listen back to them yet myself , as went lightly nuts working on them for ages and ages.
    Appreciate any feedback x
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    Listening to it again - grows richer each time. As someone highly critical of the Iron John vibe, but also recognising the weirdness of modern masculinity in general, I'm finding the music a fair reflection of that confusion (theirs and mine). Ta, mate - another fine piece of work.
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    @ Cat Vincent Delighted that you like it , and really pleased that the atmosphere /narrative of the e.p came across for
    you ! thanks for the feedback. x
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    Enjoying IRON JOHN (and WINTERVALS) very much. Thanks!
      CommentAuthorJay Kay
    • CommentTimeJan 21st 2010
    Very cool--just downloaded and will listen shortly. :)
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    Gave it a listen the other night. Very enjoyable stuff. The whole EP is open and expansive, feels like a landscape i could explore. Great music to dream to.
    • CommentTimeJan 22nd 2010
    Exquisite as always... really like the texture and depth of these four tracks. Well done Kemper.
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    Thanks for listening and responding everyone !

    Kek-w ( musoblogger , artist and Ice Bird Spiral psychnoise ringleader ) posted a "review" of it here , and he let me add some further thoughts on the e.p , if you're interested. Don't worry if you're not....theorizing and beardstroking analysis can be tiresome but had been drinking. And God knows what Kek's talking about......

    edit : .....but I like the scenes of strange postindustrial festivities he creates. His blog always very good.'
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    Looks like just north of 400 downloads so far...
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    Jesus. That's excellent..thanks to everyone for taking the time.

    Let's invoice everyone !
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    ...Actually , hold fire on that. Probably the only person who cares about this but there was a small error on mixing down the last track of the e.p ( afeard ofemale ).

    It's only a small moment but seeing as this project has driven me crazy for months the brain won't let me let it be. Those who want to can download the final ( honest) version of the song directly here and the e.p has been updated.

    For those not bothered...congratulations ! You have the ultra-rare first edition. I'll stop now. Thanks again for all feedback received so far and look out for a CD version and some new stuff soon xx