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    I was gonna put this on the Kickstarter discussion, but then I thought it diverged from the thread....

    I saw that Kim Boekbinder, one of the two gals from Vermillion Lies, is working on a solo album, and she had a widget called ChipIn on her site:

    I took a look at it, and while is have yet to actually use it (or even read through all the docs), it does look promising:

    The widget itself does nothing but gather monies and put them into a PayPal account, but as Kim lists on her website, one can outline a list of "premiums" for different levels of contributions. Maybe a solution for some of us that need a bit of change for finishing a project.

    Of course, the money is not "restricted" to the project, as in it could just go to beer and chips, but then everyone everywhere will call you a jerk on the internet....