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    This looks horribly unsafe. God, I want one. Personal flight units (jetpacks or something like this) are still top of the list of things I want from The Future.

    Not too sure about the functionality of lying down while flying, though. It seems like it would give a nasty crick in the neck after an hour or so. Looking at the initial design shows no head support at all, in fact, but that's bound to change if they manage to get to real-world testing.
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    See, the whole area of personal flight is a bit strange to me. Unless they're made fully automatic, you cannot expect the majority of people to be able to fly one safely.
    I'm pretty sure that the Puffin isn't intended to be a personal commuter vehicle. It seems pretty obvious that it's going to be for licensed couriers (and seriously, how awesome would it be to have one of these things land in your front yard and a guy gets out and hands you whatever it is you just got FedExed. I'd send MYSELF stuff and try to beat the dude home.) and short range aerial reconnaissance for the military.