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    While fucking off avoiding my homework for this evening, (Computer Support Technician program at Kaplan University here in Nashville) I came across this article on Popular Science which in turn led me to this article on Fast Company.

    Me personally, I wouldn't want to cut my own limb off to get a better one...not now anyway. However, if I were to lose my limb or limbs in some way you betcha and how. Why? Because they are better than they are, but they might actually fulfill that childhood fantasy of being better, faster, stronger...

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    I... I really want a robot hand. Possibly with a built-in tazer. I just don't want to lose my hand. This is a problem for me.
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    Aimee Mullins gave a TED talk on this very subject about a year ago. Thanks,

    My stance is if they could give me a prosthetic limb that could still feel, hell yeah I'd want a robo arm.
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    They can do that already - at least in the cold lands of Northern Europe or the warm places in the Mediterreanean. See the videos here:

    and here:

    What they can't unfortunately do is give you superpowered arms - robo hands are just that at the moment. However, I give it about 30 years to regular, government-sanctioned body components [in the UK] and another 5/10 on top for some mad genius to think, "Let's overclock this" and get it right.
    In general, I'd say bring on the limbs if I lost 'em first however I'd rather add to what I've already got so, say if I could add two extra arms to my current setting, I'd do that. Add functional wings to my shoulder blades? Fuck yes. Bring.that.on.tomorrow.